Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brunch at Sun Kong Restaurant

今日は友人も誘って近所の中華料理店、聚喜酒楼 (Sun Kong Restaurant) へ飲茶を食べにやって来ました。人数が多いと色々な種類を注文できるのがうれしい! これは牛のセンマイの蒸し物 (牛柏葉)。

Today, we came to Sun Kong Restaurant again for some dim sum - but this time, we asked our friends to join us so that we can order more dishes! This is the steamed beef tripe.
鶏の足 (鳳爪)。

The chicken feet - not for me...

This is the crab meat ball.  It was huge - as big as a kid's fist.  But this was very good.

The shrimp and chive dumplings - one of my favorites at this restaurant.

This is also my favorite, the deep fried dumpling made with sticky rice and filled with pork and vegetables.

The clams in black bean sauce.  Yummy!
スペアリブの蒸し物 (豉汁蒸排骨)。

The steamed spare ribs.

The rice noodle rolls with fried dough.  Fresh as always.
胡麻団子 (麻糰)。中に入っていたのは餡子ではなく、ピーナッツペーストでした。

The sesame balls.  Peanut paste was in them.
エッグタルト (蛋撻)。私は超おなかいっぱいで食べられませんでした。

The egg tarts.  I was too full to taste it...

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