Sunday, June 19, 2011

Canoeing with Poirot

今日は家の近所にある Spot Pond という池 (といってもかなり大きい) にカヌーをしにやって来ました。ここではカヤックやカヌー、ボートなどをレンタルすることができます。もちろん Poirot も一緒。ちゃんと犬用のライフジャケット着用です。

Today we came to Spot Pond near our home to do canoeing with Poirot.  He put his life jacket on!
カヤックを楽しんでいる人が多かったのですが、Poirot がいるのでカヌーの方が安全だろうということで私達はカヌーにしました。Poirot がもうちょっと慣れたらカヤックに挑戦したいです。

Here kayaks, canoes and boats can be rented.  I wanted try kayaking, but we decided to do canoeing as we thought with Poirot it was safer..  Once Poirot gets used to it, we'll try kayaking.

The weather was very good and sunny.  I had to put a lot of sun screen on!
Poirot は怖がるかと思ったのですが、そんなことはなく、おとなしく座ってました。

I thought Poirot would be scared to be on a canoe, but actually he was OK, and sitting quietly.

Occasionally, he curiously looked down onto the water.  Be careful, don't fall into the water, Poirot!

My husband rowed all the time, so all I had to do was just to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Poirot は私の膝の上に来たそうだったのですが、危ないので却下。

Poirot tried to come onto my lap, but I did not allow him to do so - I was afraid he would fall into the water!
しばらくすると諦めたのか、ほんのちょこっとある日陰に入って寝そべってました。暑さに弱い Poirot にとってはかなり暑かったかも。

He eventually gave up and lay down under the tiny shade.  I guess it was too hot for him.

He was just relaxing and almost fell asleep...

岸に戻ってきた後、水の嫌いな Poirot を無理やり池の中に入れると、必死の形相で岸まで泳いで戻ってきました。顔がちょっと引きつってるかも。これから水に慣れる訓練をして、自分から水に入っていけるようにしたいと思ってます。
After we came back, my husband dump Poirot (who hates water!) into the pond.  Poirot tried soooo hard to swim back to the shore.  He looked very tense!  We want to train him to get used to water and eventually love to swim!

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