Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dinner at Thmor Da

今日はおいしいとの噂を聞きつけて、カンボジア料理のお店、Thmor Da へやって来ました。今まで知らなかったのですが、この辺 (Revere Beach のすぐそば) はカンボジア人が多いようでカンボジア系のスーパーやレンタルビデオのお店がたくさんありました。

We heard that a Cambodian restaurant called  Thmor Da in Revere is very good, so here we come -
まずアペタイザーとして "虎の涙" という牛肉のサラダをオーダー。スパイシーかマイルドか聞かれたので迷わずスパイシーを注文。そして一口食べてみて、そのおいしさにびっくり! かなり辛いのですが、辛いだけではなく酸っぱさやほのかに甘みもあって病み付きになる味。

First, for an appetizer, we tried a dish called "Tiger Tear"(beef salad).  We were asked if we wanted it mild or spice, and of course we ordered it spicy.  It was very, very good - it sure was spicy, but had also sourness and a bit of sweetness and these flavors burst into my mouth. I couldn't stop eating it.

Then we ordered the special Thmor Da noodle soup.
見た目はベトナム料理のフォーに似ていますが、味は違います。そしてこのスープがまたあっさりしているのにこくがあっておいしい! 夫もこのヌードルをとても気に入ったようです。

It looked very similar to Pho (Vietnamese soup noodle), but tasted different.  The soup was light yet very flavorful.  My husband loved this dish.

And we also ordered the beef Lock Lack with steamed rice.  It came with lime juice and black pepper sauce.  The beef was amazingly tender and sooooo yummy....  I loved all the dishes we tried.  We'll definitely come back here very soon.

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