Saturday, October 1, 2011

Poirot's Health Check

今日は Poirot の健康診断の日です。ワクチンの注射もしてもらいます。先生が来るのを待っている間、診察台の上に乗せてみると不安そうにこちらを見つめます。

Today we brought Poirot to our vet for health check and vaccine shot.  While we were waiting in the room, he looked at us so nervously...
かなり緊張してるみたい。こう見えて、Poirot 君は実は怖がりなんですよね~。

He seemed really tense and anxious.  Actually he is scared of many things (although he doesn't look like so) - he is a chicken boy.

But he behaved well during the health check, and made only one short bark when he got a vaccine shot.  Our vet told us his body weight is ideal for a pug - good that we control your food intake, which is a very difficult task!  And at the end he got 2 cookies (he asked for the 2nd one by looking at the vet with his cute little face...).  He knows how to get what he wants...

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