Monday, October 24, 2011

Trip to Japan (2)

今夜は両親と一緒に祇園にある阪川さんに夕食を食べにやって来ました! ここはミシュラン一つ星の割烹です。

Tonight we came to the Japanese restaurant, Sakagawa, located in the Gion district for dinner with my parents.  This restaurant has Michelin one star. 

We sat at the counter.  The table is made of Japanese cypress, polished very well and it looked like new.

Ankimo (monkfish liver).  Very good with the ponzu sauce.

Duck and cucumber marinated with rice vinegar and mustard.

Seaweed with rice vinegar.

Sashimi plate with toro (futty tuna), red snapper, squid and uni (sea urchin).  The toro melted in my mouth.  And the uni was unbelievably sweet - I've never had such sweet uni before.
お椀は自然薯と百合根のお団子 (?) のあんかけ。

This is made of yamaimo (a kind of yam) and yurine (lily bulb).

Inside it had some chestnut and namafu (made of wheat gluten).  

 Grilled hilgendorf saucord (I am not sure if this is the correct English name).  It was very fatty (in a good way) and delicious.

My favorite, dobin mushi (Japanese seafood broth served in a dobin tea pot).


It had matsutake mushroom and hamo (daggertooth pike conger).  Wonderful aroma from the matsutake mushroom.  Ahhhh, so good.

The next one was kumoko (cod milt).  It was very rich and creamy.

Ayu (sweet fish) (with its roe) cooked with Japanese pepper.  It looked sweet, but actually was not, and very, very tasty.  It was so soft and I ate everything from head to tail (including bones). 

Tempura plate - sweet potato, lotus root, myoga (a kind of ginger) and kue (kelp bass).  I'd never had kelp bass tempura before, but it was fatty and good.

And finally white rice and a cup of miso soup.  We were very, very full.

This is the dessert.

Various fruits (7 or 8 different kinds) were in wine jelly.  It was very refreshing.  Everything was very tasty and we could talk with the chef who was cooking in front of us.  We had a wonderful time.

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