Saturday, October 8, 2011

Indian Summer

ここ数日、朝方は4度くらいまで冷え込んでいたのですが、今週末はなぜか30度近くまで気温が上昇! まさにインディアンサマーです。このゴージャスなお天気を楽しむために近所のビーチ、Revere Beach にやって来ました。

In the last couple of days, it was very cold especially in the morning (~39°F), but this weekend we had Indian summer - the temperature rose to nearly 85°F!  To enjoy this gorgeous weather, we came to Revere Beach near our house.
まずは腹ごしらえと言うことで、先週訪れたカンボジア料理のお店、Thmor Da へまたまたやって来ました。ここはビーチのすぐ近くにあります。夫は私が以前頼んだ特選ヌードルスープを注文。

First, we had our lunch at the nearby Cambodian restaurant, Thmor Da (we visited here last week and really loved their food).  My husband ordered the special Thmor Da soup noodle again.

I tried the Cambodian style Pad Thai.
その後ビーチに行くと、Poirot はなぜかむしゃむしゃと砂を食べ始めました。

After the lunch we went to the beach.  Then I found Poirot eating sand like crazy…
え~、砂なんておいしいの?? それとも砂さえも食べずにいられないほどおなかすいてるとか? ちゃんと毎日えさもおやつもあげてるやん!

I don’t know why he wanted to eat sand – was it tasty?  Or was he so hungry that he needed to eat even sand?  I always give you enough food and treats, Poirot!

After eating sand, he just lay down and sleep under the shade.

Then he came on me, using my stomach as his pillow.

What a face!
私が起き上がると次はバスタオルを枕にしてお昼寝。どんだけぐうたらやねんと思わず言ってしまいました。Poirot 君には今日の気温はちょっと暑すぎたかな?

Even after I moved, he kept sleeping on the towel. How lazy are you?  Maybe today it was too hot for him....

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