Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to Japan (4)

今日はヨドバシカメラの1階にあるCôté Bistrot「コテ・ビストロ」に友人とお昼ご飯を食べに来ました。知らなかったのですが東京・青山のビストロ、Benoit プロデュースのお店らしい。ということはアラン・デュカスのプロデュースということなのでしょうか? その辺が余りよくわかりませんが、見た目はパリのビストロのようにおしゃれ。

Today my friend and I came to Côté Bistrot located on the 1st floor of the computer/electronic store (Yodobashi Camera) near Kyoto Station.  I didn’t know until later, but this restaurant is produced by Benoit (in Tokyo).  Does this mean it is produced by Alan Ducasse??   I am not sure..  But it looks like a bistro in Paris.

This bread was not very tasty…

My friend ordered today’s pasta (short pasta with bacon and mushrooms).  I liked the strong butter flavor – I guess lots of butter was used (tasty but not healthy?).

I ordered the roast chicken.  The chicken was very juicy.  The potatoes were crispy outside and soft inside – pretty good.

The lunch menu comes with a selection of drink and I ordered the espresso.  But you could choose a glass of wine as well and I saw many people having wine at oterh tables.

After lunch we moved to another place (for dessert!) to continue our conversations.  I had a great time!!

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