Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trip to Atlanta (2)


After taking a break at our hotel for a while, we went out again to Midtown for dinner.  We found Margaret Mitchell’s house across the street from the restaurant we reserved.

It was already closed today (we came here at ~6:30 pm), but during the day time you can get inside the house.
This picture was taken from the backyard side.  I didn’t know but Margaret was hit by a car and died when she was only 49 years old....  She would have published many more books if she had lived longer….
さてさてこれが今日のレストラン、Empire State South です。

The restaurant I chose for today’s dinner is Empire State South.
夫は秋らしい、The Orchard Keeper という名前のカクテルを注文。林檎のブランデーなどが入っています。一口味見してみると確かに林檎の風味がしました。

My husband ordered the cocktail called “The Orchard Keeper”.   It was very autumn-like drink with apple brandy, etc.

Two kinds of bread, slices of baguette and butter rolls were served along with the smoked paprika butter.

The first appetizer we ordered was the fried shrimp heads.  Very crispy and tasty!  Loved this dish.
さらにもう一品、In Jars という名前の前菜をオーダー。ポークのリエット、鱒のムース、ピメントチーズとベーコンのマーマレード、ピーナッツのフムス、そしてピクルスがガラスのジャーに入って出てきました。特にポークのリエットと鱒のムースが気に入りました。オクラのピクルスは初めて食べましたがこれもなかなかいけます。

The second appetizer we ordered was called “In Jars”. Pork rillettes, trout mousse, pimento cheese and bacon marmalade, boiled peanuts hummus and pickles were served in glass jars along with the toasted bread.  Everything was very flavorful and good, but my favorites were the pork rillettes and trout mousse.  I also liked the pickled okura, which I’d never tried before.
もうすでにこの時点でかなりおなかいっぱいでしたが、これからがメインディシュ! 私は南部らしく鯰のソテーをオーダー。お魚自体は塩辛くてまあまあって感じでしたがお米のグリッツと豚の耳のフライは気に入りました。

At this time I was already almost full, but here came my main dish – the catfish with rice grits and fried pork ear.  The fish itself was a bit too salty and just OK, but I liked the rice grits and pig ear (but the pig ear was very salty, too).

My husband selected the pork loin.  The meat was amazingly tender and good.  I loved the brussels sprouts (enhanced sweetness from the vegetable itself) and mashed potato, too.

We shared the pumpkin pie ice cream for the dessert.  It was nothing special.  But I liked “sophisticated” Southern style dishes and the service was very friendly and nice, too (everywhere people in Atlanta are much more friendly than people in Boston!!).  I highly recommend the restaurant if you have a chance to visit Atlanta.

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