Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trip to Atlanta (3)

私は今日1日学会に参加したため、夫は一人でホテルのプールに行ったりジムに行ったりして時間をつぶし、その後夕食を食べに2人で Einstein's というレストランにやって来ました。

While I was attending the conference all day today my husband tried the gym and pool in the hotel, then we went for dinner together to Einstein's.


I heard good things about this restaurant, but the atmosphere was very casual (I guess students are their target clientele).  I like casual restaurants, but the (pop) music was very loud and I was a bit worried about their food... 

とりあえずビール (私はアイスティーですが) と特製ポテトチップスを注文。これはチーズがのっていておいしかったのですが今日のお料理でおいしかったのはこれだけ。

We ordered beer (and iced tea for me) and the house made potato chips with melted bleu cheese & chives.  I liked the chips but this was the highlight of the day and from here it went downhill...

The summer wedge salad was nothing special (and they were still serving a "summer" dish although it was already middle of October!).

Creamed corn hush puppies.  I believe these were frozen.

This shrimp & grits was terrible.  The grits was re-heated in a microwave and I could find only 4 or 5 very tiny, frozen shrimp with no flavor whatsoever..
夫はまたしてもフライドチキンを頼んだのですが、彼によると KFC のほうがおいしいらしいです。値段は安いのですがサービスもいまいちで2人ともとってもがっかりしてしまった夕食でした。とほほ。

My husband ordered the fried chicken again, and he said he preferred the KFC.  The price was low, but the service was not very good and we both were very disappointed with this restaurant...  

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