Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pug Social in Spencer, MA

今日は Pug Social というパグ犬の集会 (?) があると聞きつけて、マサチューセッツ州のスペンサーというところまではるばるやって来ました。自宅から車で片道1時間ほどかかります。

To attend Pug Social, we came to Spencer, MA today.  It's quite far from our home - 1.5 h drive.
GPS の指示に従ってすごい田舎道を運転し、やっと会場に到着。

We drove country-side roads following our GPS, and finally arrived at the event place.
お~、たくさんの人 & パグ犬!

Lots of people and pugs!!
Poirot も早速他のパグちゃんのところへご挨拶に行きました。

Poirot immediately went to greet other pugs.

I love black pugs - they are so cute.
会場にはアジリティー用の障害物が置いてあったので Poirot にも挑戦させてみました。ナイスジャンプ (?)。もちろんハードルを避けて通ろうとするのを無理やり引っ張り上げて飛ばざるを得なくさせただけです~。

We found the obstacle course, and let Poirot try it. Good jump!?  Poirot had never done this kind of activities before, so he didn't want to jump and I had force him by pulling his leash up.
この台の上を歩かせるのも一苦労! リードの引っ張られ具合から、いかに無理矢理歩かせたかが見て取れます。

It was difficult to let him walk on this board, too.  You can see how hard I had to pull him to make him walk on it (poor Poirot).
仮装大会やその他色々なレースもありました。仮装大会ではこの2匹のライオン君が優勝です! かわいかったのですが、と~っても暑そうでした。

They also had the costume contest, running race and other competitive activities.  These cute lions were the winner of the costume contest.  The looked adorable, but must have been sooo hot in those costumes...
今日もまた気温がかなり上がったので Poirot もちょっとばて気味。

It was very hot today and Poirot looked exhausted, too.

Eventually he lay down, putting his face into the water container....

This pug was totally crushed...
少し遅れて Poirot の親友、来福君登場! Poirot  は大喜び!

Later, Poirot's best friend, Laifu joined us.  Poirot was very happy to see him.
2匹一緒に写真を撮ろうとしたのですがなかなかじっとしてくれません。でもおやつのクッキーを見せるとこの通り! ばっちりカメラ目線をくれました。Poirot もたくさんのパグ犬に会えて嬉しそうだったのでわざわざ来た甲斐がありました。来年は何か競技に参加させてみようかな~。

They were so excited together, and it was impossible to make them still for a picture.  But I know the best trick!  Just show them a cookie, and they can be such well-behaved boys as shown in this picture!  It was worth driving so far as Poirot looked very happy with interacting other pugs.  Next year, I may register Poirot to a race...

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