Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch at L'Espalier

L'Espalier では3月中、レストランウィークのメニューが食べられます。3 コースが$20.10 なのでお得。前回ここに来たのも昨年8月のレストランウィークの時でした。

At L'Espalier, the restaurant week menu lunch is served during the entire month of  March, and you can enjoy 3-course lunch for $20.10.  It was also during the restaurant week when we came here last time in August, 2010.
私の一品目はムール貝、tabouleh (中東のパスタ? のようなもの)、ゆで卵などのサラダ。3つのムール貝が野菜の下に隠れています。カレー風味です。

My first course was "Mussels, garam masala, wild grain tabouleh; soft-cooked farmer's egg, cashew curry emulsion".  Three mussels were under the green. 

夫の一品目はヤギのチーズのゼリー (?)。私はヤギのチーズは苦手なので味見してないのですが、夫は気に入ったようです。

My husband selected "Goat cheese curd, poached rhubarb, kalamata olive sable, cabernet sauvignon vinagrette".  I didn't taste it as I don't like goat cheese, but my husband liked it.


My main dish was ”Fines herbs-crusted Arctic char, preserved lemon, spring pea risotto".  The fish was fatty and good.  The risotto was very light and its acidity matched well with the fish.

My husband ordered "Slow braised short ribs, parsnip veloute, roasted red onions, carrots".

The meat was cooked long time and very tender.

I chose "Dark chocolate caramel gateau, vanilla Chantilly cream, orange foam, blood orange fluid gel" for dessert.  It did not taste caramel - I was disappointed as I love caramel...

My husband's dessert was "Buttermilk panna cotta, guava cream cheese mousse, lychee form".  It was not bad, but nothing special.

As usual, they gave each of us a small treat on the way out.  This time it was a coconut cookie.  I don't like coconut, so I gave it to my husband.  But according to him it was too sweet.  Well, we shouldn't complain - it was free!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner at Toraya


We came to Toraya in Arlington for dinner tonight.  As we came very early (~5:10 pm), no other people were there, but within 10 min of our arrival, all the seats were filled!  This restaurant is always packed!

The vinegared octopus and cucumber.  The octopus was very soft (not chewy) and yummy.

The pan fried beef tongue.  It was very light, but flavorful.

For sushi, we ordered whelk and sea eel.  The sea eel was very soft and tasty.

The deep fried, skewered, breaded pork.  It's been a long time since I had this dish last time...


The deep fried lotus root.

Between the two slices of lotus root was a lot of shrimp!  The portion was huge (this dish came with a bowl of white rice and a cup of miso soup, too).

We again ordered the chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) - a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi and other stuff.  I love this dish!  We ate too much again and I was so stuffed...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing Cute

つぶらな瞳で私の顔を見つめる Poirot 君。なぜかというと、私が食べ物を持っているから。

Poirot always plays cute when we are eating something.

He just stares at us until he gets his share.

Sometimes he licks his chops.  It is very difficult to say no to this face...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iPad 2!

今日、iPad 2 が届きました! 3月11日の朝4時からオンライン注文受付ということで夫が早起きして申し込んだものです。ちょうどそのとき、台湾にいる夫の父から "日本に大地震が起こったが (私の実家は) 大丈夫か" という電話がかかってきて、私もびっくりして飛び起きました。なんだか今ではすごく昔のことのように感じます...。あの日を境に私の中で何かがすっかり変わってしまいました。

Today we received our iPad 2 that my husband ordered online on March 11.
64GB、3G 付きで白いフレームのものを購入。やっぱり白いほうが黒よりもかわいいと思います。

We chose the white one with 64GB and 3G.  I prefer white to black.

My husband installed whole bunch of applications, and so far it looks very good.  My husband was very happy (although he pretended he didn't care too much!).

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stretching Poirot


Poirot was sleeping, and all of a sudden, he stretched his front legs.

And he fell asleep while keeping stretching his legs... 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dinner at Chung Ki Wa

今日の夕食は近所にある Chung Ki Wa という韓国料理屋さんです。

Our dinner tonight was at Chung Ki Wa, a Korean restaurant near our house.

As soon as we sat at the table, many small dishes were brought.  Very basic ones (Kimchi, etc) were served here...

The small dishes and a bowl of white rice made me almost full already...

The first dish was Jap-Chae.  The garlic flavor enhanced our appetite.

The noodles are made of green beans, and very chewy.

The second dish was the stir fried squid with the spicy sauce.  It was spicy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Metabolic Syndrome?

夫の膝の上に座っている Poirot 君。おなかのお肉がたるんでいます。もしかして、メタボ?

This is Poirot sitting on my husband's lap.  Poirot, is it the fat around your belly?
でも、たるんでいるのは脂肪ではなく皮膚です。Poirot の体重は今のところ標準値。食いしん坊の Poirot の食事量をコントロールするのは結構大変なんですよね~。

Well, actually it is the skin, not the fat.  Poirot's body weight is in the normal range.  But it is very difficult to control his weight as he LOVES to eat!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Take Actions!

今、私の会社にいる数人の日本人と協力し合って、少しでも今回の地震による被災者の方々の助けになるようなことをしようといろいろなことを計画しています。すでに募金活動を始め、1週間で$7000以上集まりました (100人ちょっとの小さな会社の割にはかなり集まったと思います)。また、会社内でのチャリティーコンサート、チャリティーオークション、私たちの手作りのお弁当販売などでお金を集めることにしました。集まったお金はすべてボストン日本人会および日本領事館を通じて、必要としているところへ送ってもらう予定です。もちろん自分たちも寄付させていただきましたが個人の財力ではやはり限度があります。でも会社のみんなに協力してもらうことで少しでも支援の輪が広がることを願っています。

今回のことで、同僚の意外な一面が (今まで気づかなかったのですが) 見えてきました。こちらがびっくりするくらいの金額を寄付してくれたり、自分の家の使っていない地下室 (といってもトイレ、お風呂、台所完備) を、もし日本から避難してくる人がいるなら使ってくれと提供してくれたり、こちらの人たちの優しさに触れて感動しています。きっと今世界中で同じことが起こっていると思います。だから日本にいる皆さんも諦めずに希望を持っていただけたらと願います。

Now I am working with the Japanese colleagues to organize various charity events at work in order to help those who affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  We already started asking for donations.  Although my company is small (only ~120 employees), we already collected more than $7000 within one week.  In addition, we are planning to do charity concert and auctions and also to sell home-made lunch boxes at work.  All the collected money will be handed to the Japanese Association of Greater Boston which will coordinate with the Consulate of Japan to transfer donations to those who in need. 

Through these activities I realized how kind and generous people can be - some people donated us huge amounts of money, one of our colleagues offered her unused basement rooms for Japanese people if they need to evacuate to the US, etc...  I believe such kindness and compassion are found everywhere in the world at this moment - I am hoping that prayers and supports offered by people all over the world can bring Japanese people hope and encouragements.  We, as Japanese, will stand for them and take actions for Japan's recovery no matter how difficult it is.  If you could, please help too.  Thank you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please read!

Help Japan!!

Lunch at Oishii

またまたレストランウィークを利用して、South End にある Oishii にお昼ごはんを食べに行ってきました。私が選んだのは Kaiseki (会席) ランチ。夫は焼肉丼にしました。

To enjoy the Restaurant Week menu, we came to Oishii in South End for lunch.  I selected the Kaiseki lunch and my husband ordered the Gyu Kaku Donburi (grilled beef on top of rice).

A cup of miso soup came with both of our menus.
なめこ、わかめ、お豆腐が入っています。おいしかったのですが器よりれんげ (こちらの人は器に直接口をつけて飲むという習慣がありません) の方が大きくて飲みにくい!

It had Japanese mushroom, tofu and seaweed.  It tasted good, but the cup (it was actually a tea cup) was smaller than the spoon and it was difficult to drink.

This is my Kaiseki lunch.  It is totally different from the authentic Kaiseki foods in Japan, but I guess its a Boston standard.
右上にあるのはお蕎麦。お出汁がいまいち。その下は鱈の味噌焼き。お味噌はかなり甘いです。左にあるのは "スパイシーツナ天麩羅巻き" という名前で、マグロを海苔で巻いたものに衣をつけて揚げてあります。

On the upper right is the Soba noodle.  The soup was not very good.  On the right bottom is the grilled miso black cod.  The miso was too sweet.  On the left is the spicy tuna tempura roll.

The salmon and avocado roll, seaweed salad and broccolini with sesame dressing.

And the agedashi tofu and shrimp & asparagus tempura.  A lot of variety!

And this is the Gyu Kaku Donburi.  The sauce was too sweet for me but the meat was actually good - very tender.
最後にデザート。柚子茶とクッキーです。$20 の割にはお得だと思います。

And for the dessert, a cup of Yuzu tea and a cookie.  The menu was not too bad for $20.    

Help Japan!

Please help people in Japan who are significantly impacted by the M9.0 earthquake -
We are very grateful that many, many countries and their people all over the world offered their supports, prayers, encouragements and generous donations. 

Here is the list of some of the trusted charities that accept donations to Japan.

American Red Cross  or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone


Save the Children:

International Medical Corps: or text "MED" to 80888 to donate $10 from your phone

GlobalGiving: or text "JAPAN" to 50555 to donate $10 from your phone

Salvation Army: or text 'JAPAN' or 'QUAKE' to 80888 to donate $10 from your phone

Doctors Without Borders:

International Fund for Animal Welfare: (Please do not forget animals!!)

Many celebrities are showing their supports, too.

Lady Gaga designed the "Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband" that is available at $5 each at her website.  All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts.

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has also designed T-shirts to be sold for relief funds at Music for Relief.  He is currently asking for votes to select which version of his design should be printed.

I believe there are many more charities/organizations that are trying to help us.  It doesn't matter which charities you donate - we all Japanese appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Please be careful with charity scams.  Sadly, some people take advantages of other people's compassion and use these tragedies to make money for themselves.  Please directly go to the trusted organization's website for donation.

Also, please twitter to encourage Japanese people (in your own language) with the hash tags #prayforjapan or #helpjapan

I'll keep adding other organizations as I find.  THANK YOU for your supports!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wish I were a bit taller...


Daddy is eating something!

Give me!  Give me!!

Ahhh~, almost there, but I can't reach it!!

Pray for Japan

日が経つにつれて東北地震の被害のひどさが明らかになってきますね。アメリカでも大きく報道されていますが、胸が締め付けられてテレビも新聞も直視することができません。阪神大震災のときはまだ学生で京都にいました。京都は被害は少なかったのですがそれでも震度5以上の揺れを経験しました。その日のことは今でもはっきり覚えています。今回の地震はそれよりも大きかったとのこと。それに想像もできないような津波。被災者の方々は本当に怖かっただろうと思うと涙が止まりません。原発の状態も非常に心配です。危険を顧みずに救援活動をされている方々には本当に頭が下がります。本当にもどかしいのですが今の私には義援金を寄付するぐらいしかできません。昨日は少しですが赤十字に寄付させていただきました。Lady Gaga のデザインしたリストバンド (Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband) も注文しました。これからもっと調べて、本当に必要なところに必要な物資を送ってくれるようなところに寄付していこうと思います。世界中の人が日本のために祈ってくれています。一人でも多くの方の命が助かるのを祈るとともに、日本は必ず復興すると信じてできることをしていこうと思います。

As time goes by, the significant damages caused by the earthquake and tsunami are getting revealed although we still don't know the full extent of the aftermath.  It is too much for me to watch the TV or read newspapers - I can't help but crying when I think about the people who were affected by the earthquake.  It is very, very heartbreaking.  I wish I could be there, but even if I were there, there wouldn't be much I could do at this time.  Only thing I can do is to donate money.  Yesterday, I donated a small amount to the Red Cross, and also ordered the wristbands (Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband) that Lady Gaga designed.  I will do more research to find the charities that give appropriate donations to those who are in need most.

Please pray for Japan and for people who are suffering.  Please tweet in your language with the hash tag #prayforjapan to encourage them.  If you could, make donations as well.  Please do what you can.  Thank you for your help and kindness.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


As many of you already know, M8.8 earthquake hit Japan, my home country, on March 11.  Fortunately all of my family/relatives/friends are OK, but millions of people are affected by not only the main earthquake itself, but also by huge tsunamis, fires and many, many aftershocks.  One entire town on the coast was swept away by the tsunami and 10,000 people in this village are missing (the population of this village is ~17,500).  And now our nuclear power plants have problems.

Right now I am still kind of in a denial mode and can't comprehend what is going on there.  I just feel very, very sad and powerless.  I can't watch pictures or videos showing the damages - it's so heart breaking.

Since I can't physically be there to help, only thing I can do is to pray and to donate money.  I will do the best I can.  Thankfully so many friends and colleagues offered us their supports.  Hope anyone reads this also can show supports - it doesn't have to be monetary supports, just to spread the words to stimulate awareness is also a great help.  Thank you very much!

Brunch at Gaslight

今日は久しぶりに、South End にある Gaslight にブランチを食べにやってきました。ここは無料の駐車場があるので便利。ちなみにトムクルーズとキャメロンディアスの映画、Knight and Day にこのレストランがチラッと映ってます。

Today we came to Gaslight in South End for brunch.  It has been a while since we came here last time.  This restaurant offers free parking, so it's very convenient.  By the way, this restaurant was used in the movie "Knight and Day" (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) last year.
週末は prix fixe のブランチメニューが $9.95 ととてもお得です。

On weekends, the prix fixe brunch menu is offered only for $9.95.
もちろん2人とも prix fixe メニューから注文。コーヒー (または紅茶)、フレッシュジュース、ショートブレッドプラスメインの一品がついてきます。

Both of us ordered from the prix fixe menu - it comes with coffee (or tea), a glass of freshly squeezed juice, a shortbread and a main dish.

For the juice, orange and grapefruit are offered.  We both chose grapefruit.

The shortbread had some raspberry jam and good.

I ordered the omelette Lyonnaise, which had Gruyere cheese, potatoes and caramelized onions.  The onions were sweet and good.

My husband ordered the French toast.

The toast absorbed the maple syrup and good, but I think the blueberry compote was too much (too sweet).
その後はまたまたいつものドッグパークへ行ってきました。Poirot は相変わらず非社交的です。

After the brunch, we came to the nearby dog park again.  Poirot was antisocial as usual.

When other dogs came to greet him, he just ran away.  But he was very friendly to a lady who had treats - he was happy when he got some of it from her.
そんな Poirot ですが、パグとパグルは別です。同じ種類だとわかるのでしょうか、いつも自分からよっていきます。このパグル君にも興味津々。

Although Poirot is antisocial, there is an exception -  with pugs and puggles.  He always shows interest in them and goes to them.  I guess he knows that they are the same kind.  He found this puggle and went to check him out.

He kept following this puggle and played with him.