Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip to San Diego & Los Angeles - Day 1 (2)

夕食は L'Auberge というホテルの中にある Kitchen 1540 というレストランで。

Our dinner tonight was at Kitchen 1540 inside the hotel called L'Auberge.

Several tables were available outside.  It was a bit chilly at night, and the fire was on.  I used to have an idea that it got very hot in summer in San Diego, but actually it was very comfortable by the sea - highest temp. ~75°F.  But I heard it gets quite hot inland.

We sat inside.  I was expecting the restaurant more formal, but it was in a casual setting.  

Three kinds of bread were served - focaccia type of bread with grapes, baguette, and bread with olives.  My favorite was the one with olives, but the baguette was so so.
夫はカリフォルニアのワイン (Zinfandel – Eberle 2007, Paso Robles, California) を注文。

My husband ordered Zinfandel (Eberle 2007, Paso Robles, California).
帆立のカルパッチョ。帆立がすごく甘い! 柔らかい帆立とその上に乗っているカリカリしたもの (何かわからなかったのですが)、そして蕪のパリッとした食感を一度に楽しめ、一品目からかなり満足。

The scallop carpaccio.  The scallops were very sweet!  And I enjoyed a variety of different textures all at once in my mouth - tender scallops, crispy radish slices, and something very crunchy (I don't know what it was) that was on top of the scallops.  Very satisfied!
はまちのお刺身 (?)。これもお魚がとても新鮮。お魚の周りにある丸いものは、しし唐の天麩羅。

The yellowtail dish.  The fish was very fresh.  The round stuff around the fish was fried shishito peppers, which I love.

This is the grilled whole red snapper (called "tai" in Japanese).  This fish tends to get dry when it is grilled, but this was perfectly cooked - still very moist.  Shishito peppers were also used as a side in this dish.  I realized much more Japanese ingredients in California than in Boston.  I have never seen shishito peppers used in Boston restaurant...

This is the roasted ram, which served with a poached egg.

The meat was juicy (and no smell), and even I could eat it (I usually don't like ram).  Under the meat were  some fiddle heads and other kinds of vegetables.

For the dessert, we chose the fried coconuts and pineapples.  I'd have never had fried coconuts before - very interesting.  All the dish we tried were very creative and the good portions.  I love restaurants in California! 

Trip to San Diego & Los Angeles - Day 1 (1)

6月26日から夫はサンディエゴにある支社に2ヶ月もの間長期出張に行ってしまいました。そこでこの週末はアメリカ独立記念日の休暇を利用して私もサンディエゴに行ってきました。サンディエゴに来るのはこれで3回目です。ボストンから、Jet Blue の直行便でサンディエゴまで約6時間。

My husband has been in San Diego, CA, for his business since June 26, and will stay there until mid August.  So I decided to visit him over the July 4th weekend.  This time I took a direct flight by Jet Blue.

In front of the San Diego airport is the sea.  It looked totally different from the sea in Boston – lots of palm trees, bright sun light, etc.  So tropical!
朝6時ごろ軽食を食べただけでおなかがペコペコだったので (サンディエゴに着くいたのは現地時間午後1時、ボストン時間で午後4時)、迎えに来てくれた夫と一緒に In-N-Out のドライブスルーでハンバーガーを注文。

I hadn’t eaten anything since 6 am, and by the time I arrived at San Diego (1 mp in PST; 4 pm in EST) I was starving.  So I went to In-N-Out with my husband who came to the airport to pick me up and ordered burgers at the drive-through.

It is a fast food chain, but every time we come to California we try to eat here as we don’t have In-N-Out in the east coast and their burgers are very tasty.
その後私を借りているアパート (La Jolla というところにあります) まで送った後、夫は仕事へ戻っていきました。仕事から帰ってきた後は Del Mar までお散歩+夕食へ。高速には乗らず、海沿いの道をドライブ。真っ青な海と空がとてもきれい。

My husband went back to work after dropping me off at the apartment in La Jolla that his company is renting for him.  In the evening, we went to Del Mar to walk around (and also for dinner).  The blue sky and blue sea... So beautiful.

The plants growing in the roadside are also totally different here compared to Boston.  Are these some kinds of cactus??
レストランの予約時間までまだたっぷり時間があったので、Seagrove Park という海沿いの公園を散策。

We had a plenty of time until our reservation time at the restaurant, we took a walk in Seagrove Park by the sea.

We found many squirrels in the park.  Even squirrels looked different from those in Boston (different kind?).

The railroad by the sea.  I believe this is for the COASTER commuter train.  I bet you can enjoy breathtaking coastal scenery.

Then we passed through the park and walked along the beach.  Right next to the beach are many beautiful mansions.  We were so curious about the prices of these mansions that we checked it (of course my husband has an application for house price in his iPhone!).  Well, even the cheapest one appeared to be more than $3 millions.  One of them was $13 millions or so.  Sadly we have no chance to live here...

Many people were enjoying surfing and bodyboarding.

One of the first highways designated in 1925, U.S. 101 runs just by the beach.  It stretches from San Diego, north up to the Canadian border.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner at All Seasons Table

今夜はまたまた近所の All Seasons Table へやって来ました。ここへ来たのはかなり久しぶり。今回はそんなにおなかがすいてなかったので、バーカウンターに座って軽く食べることに。

Tonight we had the dinner in out neighbourfood again - this time, at All Seasons Table.  We were not too hungry so decided to sit at the bar.

The people siting next to us were eating this dish - the shrimp lettus wraps - which looked delicious, so we ordered the same one.  But the shripm/vegetables were cooked too sweet for our taste.  A little bit disappointing..

The seafood pancake.  it was good, but I didn't see much seafood in it...

The chicken wings..  Crispy outside and juicy & tender inside - chicken itself was good.  But again, he sauce was too sweet.  We ate them without the sauce.  I guess this restaurant serves Americanized Asian dishes.  That may be the reason we didn't see any other Asian people here.

Brunch at Sun Kong Restaurant

今日は友人も誘って近所の中華料理店、聚喜酒楼 (Sun Kong Restaurant) へ飲茶を食べにやって来ました。人数が多いと色々な種類を注文できるのがうれしい! これは牛のセンマイの蒸し物 (牛柏葉)。

Today, we came to Sun Kong Restaurant again for some dim sum - but this time, we asked our friends to join us so that we can order more dishes! This is the steamed beef tripe.
鶏の足 (鳳爪)。

The chicken feet - not for me...

This is the crab meat ball.  It was huge - as big as a kid's fist.  But this was very good.

The shrimp and chive dumplings - one of my favorites at this restaurant.

This is also my favorite, the deep fried dumpling made with sticky rice and filled with pork and vegetables.

The clams in black bean sauce.  Yummy!
スペアリブの蒸し物 (豉汁蒸排骨)。

The steamed spare ribs.

The rice noodle rolls with fried dough.  Fresh as always.
胡麻団子 (麻糰)。中に入っていたのは餡子ではなく、ピーナッツペーストでした。

The sesame balls.  Peanut paste was in them.
エッグタルト (蛋撻)。私は超おなかいっぱいで食べられませんでした。

The egg tarts.  I was too full to taste it...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dinner at Absolutely Fabulous

今日は近所にある、Absolutely Fabulous というイタリアンのお店に行ってみました。いつもお店の前を通るたび、結構たくさんのお客さんで賑わっているのに気づいていたのですが、来店するのはきょうが初めて。

Today we came to an Italian restaurant, Absolutely Fabulous, near our home.  Every time we passed by, we noticed that the restaurant was crowded.  So we were interested in this place for a while and finally decided to try.


Since it was a bit chilly tonight, we both ordered the soup - mine was called "Italian Wedding", which had vegetables, small meatballs, chicken, and pasta.  It tasted similar to the soup I cook at home...

My husband ordered the fish soup - it was spicy and had a lot of fish meat.  I preferred this one to mine.
夫はシーフードのパスタ。パスタはいくつかの種類から選べるのですが、お店の人のお勧めに従って自家製のカヴァテッリ (cavatelli) にしました。洗面器くらいの大きさの巨大なお皿に入って出てきました。パスタはもちっとしていておいしい!えび、ホタテ、イカ、アサリ、ムール貝、鱈などがたくさん入っています。全部食べきれるわけもなく、残りはお持ち帰り。

My husband ordered the seafood pasta which was served on a huge plate.  Pasta can be selected from several different kinds, but we followed our waitress's recommendation, cavatelli.  It was a bit chewy like gnocchi (which I loved).  It had a lot of seafood (shrimp, scallops, calamaris, mussels, clams, cod).  It was very good but no way we could finish it all, so we took the leftover home.


I wanted to have seafood, too, but since my husband ordered it, I opted for the grilled portabello  and eggplant served over the polenta.  This was OK.  The wait stuff was very friendly and the magnetosphere was very relaxed.  I think we can use this restaurant in the future.  But I wish they serve less portions...  It was just too big for me (I bet even for American people, it would be too big)...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lunch at Waltham India Market Food Court

今日は会社の同僚総勢5人で、Waltham のインド系スーパーマーケットの中にあるフードコートへお昼ご飯を食べに行きました。

Today, my colleagues and I came to the food court inside Waltham India Market for lunch.
これはインド人の同僚によると、彼女が子供のときからあるジュースだそうです。日本で言えば三ツ矢サイダーみたいな感じでしょうか? 味はライムソーダっぽいのですが、あんまりおいしくはなかったです。

According to my Indian colleague, she drunk this juice when she was a little child.  It's something similar to lime soda.
これは多分チョラバトゥラ (Chola Batura) という名前のお料理。もちっとした揚げパン (Batura) をひよこ豆のカレー (Chola) と一緒に食べます。

This is called Chola Batura, the chiclpea curry (Chola) and fried dough (Batura).  The dough was a little bit chewy and good.
こちらはターリ (Thali) というインド版の定食。4種類のカレー、ご飯、ナン、デザートがセットになっています。かなりボリュームたっぷりです。キャベツのカレー (写真右下) が特においしかったです。

This is the Thali.  It came with 4 different kinds of curry, rice, naan and some sweets.  It was a big portion.  My favorite was teh cabbage curry (bottom right corner).
マサラドーサ (Masala Dosa)。スパイスをたっぷり利かせて炒めたジャガイモをクレープの生地に似たもので巻いてあります。ジャガイモはとても辛いのですが病み付きになる味です。

The Masala Dosa.  Sauteed potatoes with a lot of spices were wrapped with the crepe-like bread.  The potatoes were spicey which I liked, and I couldn't stop eating it.

This shop also serves some Middle Eastern dishes, so we tried the chicken sharwama palatter (sharwama sandwich is also available).  After the lunch, we walked around in the Indian supermarket - there were so many things (frozen foods, snacks, sweets, etc) that I had never seen before.  It was very interesting!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner at Pho Hoa

今日は近所のベトナム料理店、Pho Hoa に夕食を食べに来ました。

Tonight we came to Pho Hoa near our home to have some Vietnamese food.

The shrimp spring rolls.

As usual, my husband ordered the beef pho.  I've never seen him ordering something elese...
私は何にしようか迷ったのですが、ブンボーチャー (Bun Bo Cha) という、海老のすり身のお団子入りのスープヌードルにしてみました。

I couldn't decide what to order, but eventually tried another kind of noodle soup, "Bun Bo Cha" (with shrimp meat balls). 

The noodles used in this dish was different kind from the pho.  The soup was spicy and not bad.  I think I like this soup better than pho..