Friday, January 28, 2011

All Poirot does is...

私たちが普段仕事に行っている間、Poirot は何をしているのか?いつも疑問に思っていたのですが今日そのなぞが解けました。ただひたすら寝ている!

I was always wondering what Poirot was doing every day when we were at work.  Today I figured it out - he just sleeps all day long!

He looks so comfortable when he is sleeping.

Once in a while he wakes up and plays with his toys.

But soon he gets sleepy again, and
寝てしまいます。食べて、遊んで、寝て。そんな Poirot の毎日がちょっとうらやましいかも。

Falls a sleep.  Eat, play and sleep - What a life!  I envy you, Poirot!

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