Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breakfast at IHOP

今日のボストンは快晴です!気温は0度くらいですが、-20度を経験した後だと暖かく感じます。軒先の氷柱は更に成長していて長いのでは 50~60 cm 以上もあります。落ちてきて刺さったらかなり痛いと思います。

It was so sunny and bright this morning in Boston. The temperature was only ~32 ˚F, but after experiencing -10˚F, I felt warm.  I guess everything is relative. 
今朝は急にパンケーキ (日本で言うホットケーキ) が食べたくなって、近所の IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) へ行ってきました。ここは全米に店舗があるチェーン店で、24時間朝食メニューが食べられます。

I had a sudden craving for pancakes this morning, so we decided to go to the nearby IHOP.

I love their mug cups.  I'd like to get one for myself.

Their coffee is too light for me (I like strong coffee), but I guess this is the American style.

I ordered the short stuck of original pancakes, but for the limited time they offer "all you can eat" pancakes and gave me 4 of them.  They were very soft and airy which I like, but this was too much.
夫はブレックファーストサンプラーというのを注文。卵二個 (目玉焼き、スクランブルなど自由に選択できます)、ベーコン、ソーセージ、ハム、ハッシュブラウンにパンケーキ2枚が付いてきます。もちろんパンケーキは食べ放題。朝からすごいボリュームです。パンケーキは結局お代わりどころは完食さえできずに残してしまいました。でも食べたかったパンケーキが食べられて満足!

My husband ordered the breakfast sampler.  It came with pancakes, too (and of course you can eat as many pancakes as you want!).  But we were too full to finish our own plates...  I wonder how many pancakes people can eat???

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