Friday, January 21, 2011

Poirot in Snow

ボストンは今日もまた吹雪。午前中は家の前の道が除雪されなかったため、先週に続きまた在宅勤務となってしまいました。雪は午後1時過ぎに止み、その後は晴れ間が見られるように。庭の雪かきをしている間、Poirot も外に出てきました。

We had a snow storm again in Boston.  The street in front of my house was not cleaned until the afternoon, I decided to work from home.  When we were shoveling out snow after it stopped at ~1 pm, Poirot also came out to play.


"What is this white stuff here?"

"How can I go up there?"

"I'm almost there!"

"OK, I can make it!"

"Wow, it's so fluffy!"

"I'm going to explore untrodden places!"

"I am almost buried...  I don't know if I can come back to Mommy..."

"Brrrrr..  It was so cold.  Let's go inside and get warm."

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