Friday, January 21, 2011

Dinner at Habesha

今日は家から車で2分ほどのところにあるエチオピア料理のお店、Habesha Restaurant に行ってきました。ここは歩いていても見過ごしてしまうような小さくて、中に入るのをちょっと躊躇するような怪しげな外観のレストランなのですが、ボストンとその近郊にあるエチオピア料理店の中では一番おいしいという評判です。すごく近所にあるのに今まで来たことがなく、今夜が初トライです。

Tonight we went for dinner to Habesha, an Ethiopian restaurant, a few minutes away from our home.  This restaurant is very small and not fancy at all, but according to reviews, it is the best Ethiopian restaurant in the Boston area.  Although it is very close to our home, we have never been here before.

This is the Ethiopian beer.  The bottle is very round and cute.  It had a strong hop taste.
これは Habesha Special という、インジャラを敷いた巨大なお皿の上に10種類ほどの野菜料理 + チキンとゆで卵の煮込み (お皿の真ん中にあるもの) の盛り合わせ。

This is the Habesha Special, consisting of various vegetable dishes and chicken stew (the one in the middle), which are served atop injera (sourdough flat bread).
更にもう一皿インジャラが付いてきます。フォークやスプーンがなかったので頼もうとしたのですが、手で食べるんだったと気付き、早速挑戦。私は今まで2~3回しかエチオピア料理を食べたことがない (それもかなり以前に) ので他の店と比べてどうなのかはわかりませんが、どれもおいしい!真ん中のチキンの煮込みが特に気に入りました。

It came with additional plate of injera.  I was about to ask for spoons and folks, then I realized that we were supposed to use hands to eat.  I have eaten at Ethiopian restaurants only 2~3 times (and long time ago), so I don't know their food is better than other restaurants', but I liked our plate.  The chicken stew was my favorite. 
それともう一皿、Awaze tibs という、牛肉の煮込みも注文。これがちょっとスパイシーですごくおいしい!ちょっと酸っぱいインジャラとよく合います。

We also ordered the dish called Awaze tibs (marinated beef cooked in Awaze sauce).  It was a little bit spicy and I loved it!  It was a good match with the sour injera.

This is the Awaze tibs.  Our waitress poured it on the plate together with other dishes.

At the end, we had a cup of Ethiopian coffee.  It had a great aroma.  We were very happy with their food (although my husband is not a big fan of injera).  The price was very reasonable, too.  It appeared that most of the customers at other tables were Ethiopian.  I guess this means their food is authentic.

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