Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poirot's New Trick

最近は雪が多くとても寒い日が続いているので、寒がりの Poirot は外に遊びにいけず退屈そう。そこで以前 You Tube で見た芸でも教えようと特訓することにしました (彼は食べ物を見せながらトレーニングすると結構すぐに新しい芸を覚えます)。

We are having very cold and snowy weather in Boston and Poirot, who hates cold weather, cannot go outside and play.  He is getting very bored.  So we decided to teach him a new trick that I saw in You Tube before.  He can learn new tricks rather quickly if we train him with food.

どんな芸かというと、クッキーを鼻の上に置いてそのままOKのサインが出るまで待ち、OKの合図と共にクッキーを床に落とさずにぱくっと食べるというもの。でも Poirot は鼻を触られるのが大嫌いでなかなか難しいんですよね~。

This trick is to put a cookie on Poirot's nose, let him wait until I say OK, then eat it without dropping it on the floor.  But Poirot doesn't like his nose to be touched, and it was quite difficult to train him.

First, I showed him a cookie to attract his attention, and brought it close to his nose.
嫌がって逃げようとするのを押さえ (ごめんね)、 何とか鼻の上に乗せることができました。目は鼻の上のクッキーを追って寄り目になってます。

But he tried to escape, so I had to hold him tight (sorry, Poirot).  After several failed attempt, I finally managed putting the cookie on his nose.  He looked freak out, but still could't take his eyes off from the cookie on his nose!

He was holding it for a while, but since the cookie was falling down from his nose, he just ate it before I said OK.  We repeated this training several times, and eventually he could hold it until I said OK, then eat it without dropping it on the floor.  I will take a video of him doing this trick next time and uploard it here.

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