Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dinner at Vinh Sun BBQ

今夜はお粥が食べたくて、チャイナタウンへ行ってみました。最初、Winsor Dim Sum Café へ行ったのですが、お粥はもう売り切れてないと言われたのでそのすぐ近くにある Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant (永新燒臘茶餐廳) に予定変更。

Tonight I wanted to eat some congee, so we went to Chinatown.  At first we went to Winsor Dim Sum Café, but they ran out of congee, so changed our plan and tried Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant.


First we ordered the fish and lettuce congee, which was served in a clay pot.  It was very light and I liked it.

We also ordered the shrimp wanton noodles.  This was good but not great.

This is one of the hotpot dish - beef with ginger and scallion.  This had the strong/rich taste, so it was a good match with the light-flavored congee.
食事の後は2,3軒隣にある台湾式のパン屋さん、101 Bakery でパンを買い、さらに私はミルクティーを、夫はこの燒仙草という漢方 (薬草?) のゼリー (温かい) を注文。

After the dinner, we went to 101 Bakery, a Taiwanese style bakery, a couple of doors down from the restaurant.  We got several pastries and bread, and also a cup of hot milk tea (for me) and a cup of warm jelly made of Chinese herbs (for my husband).
更にぶらぶら歩いていると、ベトナム式のサンドイッチを売っている Sub City がまだ開いているのを発見 (6時に閉まるはずなのに7時でもまだ開いてました)。そこで明日の朝ご飯用に2つサンドイッチを購入。

Then we continued walking and found Sub City, a tiny shop that sells Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi), was still open (it was supposed to be closed at 6 pm, but it was still open at 7 pm when we went there..), so we bought 2 sandwiches for breakfast tomorrow.
こちらは牛肉のサンドイッチ (お肉は野菜の下に隠れています)。

This is the beef BBQ sandwich (beef is hidden under vegetables).
そしてもう1つはコールドカット (ベトナム式のハム)。本当は明日食べるはずだったのですが、夫は待ちきれずに帰宅後すぐに牛肉の方を試食。私も一口食べましたが、パンは外側がぱりぱり、お肉はちょっと甘めの味付け、新鮮な野菜もたっぷりですごくおいしかったです。

And this one is the cold cut.  These were meant for tomorrow's breakfast, but my husband couldn't wait and ate one right after we came back home, and I took one bite as well.  The bread was crusty outside, the beef was very flavorful, and the vegetables were very fresh and good.

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