Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breakfast at Istanbul'lu

今朝は Somerville にあるトルコ料理店、Istanbul'lu に朝ごはんを食べに来ました。

This morning we came to Istanbul'lu, a small Turkish restaurant in Somerville for breakfast.
自家製のパンとパプリカ (トマト?) のディップ。パンはふわふわです。ディップはにんにくたっぷり、ピリ辛で、パンに付けて食べるとなかなかいけます。
The home-made bread and paprika (tomato?) dip.  The bread was airy, and the dip was very garlicky (which I like) and a little bit spicy.

The Turkish tea called Cay.  It is the black tea. 

This is the Turkish coffee.  Here, some sugar was already added before serving.  The very beautiful cup and saucer. 
朝食プレート。トルコの典型的な朝ごはんメニューを少しずつ盛り合わせにしたもの。2種類のチーズ (フェタチーズに似たものとチェダーチーズに似た味のトルコのチーズ)、オリーブ、ソーセージとハム (?)、胡瓜、トマト、蜂蜜と桃のジャム。ソーセージがおいしかったです。

We ordered the dish called "Plate of Turkish Mornings", containing popular breakfast items such as Turkish olives, pastrami, kasar (cheese, similar to cheddar), beyaz peynir (cheese, similar to feta), sucuk (sausage), honey, peach jam, cucumber and tomato slices.  I especially liked the sausage (spicy and flavorful).
デザートに Burma というお菓子を注文。すごく甘そうに見えたのですが食べてみるとそれほど甘くなく、生地がカリカリしていておいしかったです。次は是非夕食を食べに来たいと思います。

We also ordered the dessert called "burma".  It looked very sweet, but actually it was not.  The dough was very crunchy and tasty.  Next time, I'd like to try their dinner menu.

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