Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poirot's Obsession

Poirot がじ~っと見つめているのは何かというと、夫が手に持っているボール。

What Poirot was staring at is his favorit ball in my husband's hand.

He was seriously thinking how he could get it.
でも夫もボールを振り回したりして Poirot が取れないように意地悪します。Poirot はもう必死。

But my husband was mean to him and did not allow him to get it.  Poirot got so excited and tried sooo hard to catch it.

Poirot is very stubborn and once he sets up his mind, he never gives up. 

Finally my husband gave it to him, and he enjoyed it in his mouth.  But he was afraid that my husband might take it away from him, so he kept checking my husband's every single movement...

Although he was so obsessed with the ball, he got tired of it only after a few minutes and fell asleep.  I don't understand why he was so excited...

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