Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lunch at Causeway

今日は夫のたっての希望で Gloucester というボストンから車で30~40分ほどの港町にある、Causeway Restaurant というところに行ってきました。ここに来るのは去年の8月以来です。

Today my husband requested to go to Causeway Restaurant in Gloucester (30~40 min drive from Boston).  Last time we visited here was last August.

This is a very casual, non-fancy restaurant, but serves fresh seafood.

This lobster on the wall is the real one.

A bowl of fish chowder.  A lot of fish was in it and very tasty.  We liked it so much that we ordered another bowl to go.
私が注文したのはシーフードマリナラ。4人分は余裕であります。ムール貝は30個ほど (肉厚でぷりぷりです)、海老、烏賊と帆立も10匹ほどずつ入っていました。これで $19 というのはかなりお得だと思います。

I ordered the seafood marinara.  This could easily serve for 4 people.  About 30 mussels, 10 each of shrimp, scallops and calamaris in it, but only $19.  I think this is a very good deal.

My husband ordered the fried oysters.  This had so many oysters as well.  They were good, but 2~3 pieces were enough for me.

After the lunch, we took a walk by the beach.

Everywhere was covered with white snow and very beautiful.
Poirot も雪の中を元気に走り回っていました。

Poirot was running around on snow.

Poirot, you have lots of snow flakes on your mouth!

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