Monday, January 17, 2011

Lunch at Royal India Bistro

今日は会社の近所に数週間前にオープンした、Royal India Bistro というインド料理のお店に同僚5人でお昼ご飯を食べに行きました (カメラを持っていくのを忘れ、携帯のカメラで取ったので写真の写りが悪くてすいません)。

Today 4 of my colleagues and I went to a new Indian restaurant, Royal India Bistro, that opened just a few weeks ago near my company for lunch (I forgot to bring my camera and had to use my iPhone to take pictures, so the quality of pictures is not good).

The thin cracker like stuff (I don't know its name) and two kinds of chutney were served when we sat at the table.
今回はランチメニューから5種類のカレーを注文して皆でシェアしました (カレーにはご飯が付いてきます)。更にガーリックナン (にんにくたっぷりで最高!) とカシミールナン (レーズン、カシューナッツ、ココナッツが入った甘いナン;お菓子みたいでおいしい!) を別に注文。これはパラクパニール (ほうれん草とチーズのカレー)。

This time we ordered 5 different dishes (came with rice) out of the lunch menu and shared.  In addition, we also ordered a garlic naan (very garlicky and good!) and Kashimiri naan (sweet naan containing cashews, raisins and coconuts; very yummy).  The dish in this picture is the palak paneer.

This one is the chicken korma, the creamy chicken curry.
後の3種はダルマハラニ (レンズ豆のカレー)、フィッシュカレーと海老カレーです。それぞれ違う味でどれもおいしかったのですが私はレンズ豆のカレーと海老のカレーが特に気に入りました。一緒に行った同僚の中にインド人がいたのですが、彼女が言うにはカレーはまあまあだけどナンはおいしかったそうです。

The rest of dishes were the dal maharani (lentil dish), the fish curry and the Goa shrimp curry.  They all tasted different and all were good, but my favorites were the dal maharani and the shrimp curry.  One of my colleagues is from India, and according to her the dishes were OK but the naans were pretty good at this restaurant (I liked their naans, too).

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