Friday, November 4, 2011

Dinner at Biryani Park

今日は比較的最近、近所にオープンしたインド・スリランカ料理のお店、Biryani Park に行ってきました。

Today we tried a (relatively) newly opened Indian / Sri Lankan restaurant, Biryani Park, near our home.

これは S&S Biryani Park スペシャルドーサ。普通のドーサとは違って中に具がたっぷり入っています。野菜やナッツ、チーズなどがスパイスで味付けされていて、複雑な味。でもおいしい!ちなみにこのレストランで使われている野菜やお肉は全部オーガニックだそうです。

This is called S&S Biryani Park special dosa (thin rice & lentil crepe layered with Mysore chutney, potato masala, 3 kind of nuts, mixed vegetables, cheese and our special dosa podi – served with tomato chutney, coconut chutney and sambar).  It had very complicated flavor but very tasty.

Eggplant salad (Sri Lankan dish).  It was slightly too oily for my taste, but vegetables were very fresh (the owner (?) told us that their vegetables / meats are all organic).
そしてこれが山羊のお肉の入ったビリヤニ (インド風炊き込みご飯)。お~、これはおいしいかも。山羊のお肉は想像したよりも臭くなく、とっても柔らかく調理されています。ご飯にはいろいろな香辛料が入っていて一言では言い表せない味ですが病み付きになります。他にもすごくたくさんのメニュがあるのでこれからいろいろと試してみようと思います。家からすぐ近所なので便利~。

This is the goat byriani.  Oh~, this was good!  The goat meat did not smell too much and was very tender.  A lot of spices were used to cook rice, and had a very rich, complex flavor.  Many other dishes are available on their menu, so we’ll try different dishes next time!  We are lucky we live very close to this restaurant!

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