Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trip to London, UK - Day 5


Today was the last day in the UK.  Our flight was 10:30 am, so we had to leave the hotel as soon as we woke up.  Heathrow Airport was decorated for Christmas.

A huge Teddy bear was the Harrods store in the airport, too (we saw the same ones at the Harrods department store in the city).  Actually, this bear was on sale!  I believe it was ~£2000.
デルタ (他の航空会社と共有でしたが) のラウンジへ行くとボストンのラウンジとは違って食べ物がいっぱい!イングリッシュブレックファーストのビュッフェがあったので早速お皿いっぱいに取って来ました。

At the Delta lounge (shared with other airlines) were variety of warm/cold dishes and drinks (unlike the lounge in Boston!!).  The buffet for full English breakfast was offered, so we both filled our plates with full of food.
今回の旅行では毎日おいしいものを食べすぎて朝はコーヒーとフルーツだけしかおなかに入らず、イングリッシュブレックファーストを食べられなくて残念に思っていたので、最後に食べられてうれしい! ちょっと厚切りのベーコン、焼きトマトと豆がおいしかったです。

During this trip, since we had big lunch/dinner every day, we couldn't eat much breakfast we didn't have a chance to try the English breakfast.  We felt lucky to get a chance to try the English breakfast (although it might not be the best one).  I especially liked the grilled tomatoes and beans.
今回の旅行の予定を立てる時、夫はフランスかスペインに行きたいといったのですがもう何回も行っているので私が半ば無理矢理イギリスに決定してしまいました。でも初めて (夫はイギリスに行ったことがなかった) 来てみてロンドンが思ったよりも気に入ったらしく、また来たいと言ってくれたので良かったです。

When we were planning this trip, my husband suggested visiting France or Spain, but we've been there several times and I kind of forced him to try the UK instead.  I was a bit worried he wouldn't enjoy as much, but actually he liked London very much and told me that he wanted to visit the UK again - I am glad he liked it (I guess my planning was good!).

The meal served on the flight back to the US tasted better than that on the way to the UK (although it was only slightly better..).

My husband chose the chicken dish with the Indian spices and he said it was pretty good.  This time we didn't have much time and also it had been a long time since I visited London (this was the first time for my husband), we only did the typical sightseeing that most first timers do, but I'd like to visit surrounded areas when we have a chance to visit the UK next time.  I have several restaurants outside London that I want to try~  I don't know when it will be the next time, but hopefully not too long.

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