Friday, November 25, 2011

Trip to London, UK - Day 3 (2)

ロンドン塔を後にし、疲れた足を引きずりながら ゴーリングホテルまで何とかたどり着きました。ここはキャサリン王妃が4月の結婚式の前日に独身最後の一夜を過ごしたホテルです。今日はここでアフタヌーンティーを頂きます。

We left the Tower of London for the Goring Hotel where we had a reservation for the afternoon tea.  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge with her immediate family spent the night before the Royal Wedding at this hotel.

The hostess at the reception brought us to this room.  Our table was by the window and we could see the small courtyard from our seat.


On the saucer, a profile of a gentleman was drawn. I guess this is Otto Richard Goring who established this hotel.

For tea, I ordered the Goring special blend which was very good – very mild taste but fragrant. My husband chose Darjeeling, but he didn’t like it too much.  He said mine was better (of course I always choose the best one. Haha!).

At first the lobster appetizer was served - yum!

And finally, the three layered tea stand came!!  I doesn't look so in the picture, but it was very beautiful.  By the way, these are all-you-can-eat (our server kept asking us if we needed more sandwiches, cakes, etc).

We started from the sandwiches (egg salad, smoked salmon, chicken and crayfish).  Everything was tasty but my favorite was the egg salad and salmon.

After the sandwiches, we moved on to the scones. With Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam, it was very good – not too dry and not too sweet.

After eating one scone, I got very full (neither of us could eat two scones – too much!), but still tried the small cakes on the top tray.

The cakes were not too impressive.  They were too sweet for me.  I prefer French desserts…

At the end, we got the trifle in a small glass.  By the time I was over-stuffed, but I didn’t want to regret later and ate it!  We spent almost 3 hours in a very gorgeous setting – it was very relaxing and satisfying.

Then, we headed to Harrods to buy some souvenirs.

The building was illuminated and very beautiful…

Each display window was also beautifully decorated and it was lots of fun to just look at it.

On the higher floor (I forgot which floor) was the section where various Harrods items (bags with the Harrods logo, etc) were being sold.  There, we found many huge Harrods Teddy bears in different costumes.  This one is my favorite.

Is this a police man?

All the decorations were in the Christmas mode.

Oh, Hello Kitty in Harrods!  She is very active and travels all over the world!

After we bought some souvenirs we came down to the ground floor (Food Hall) and found the counter where dim sum was served.  By then we were a bit hungry and decided to try some dishes.  After sitting down and ordering drinks, we looked at the menu and OMG, it was sooo expensive!  I originally wanted to order 4~5 dishes, but ended up with 2.
一つ目はワンタンスープ。小さいお椀に海老と豚肉入りのワンタンが3つ。これで £8!

The first dish was the wanton soup - in a small ball, three wantons were swimming.  This dish was £8 (~$13)!
小龍包もたった3つで £8。しかもあんまりおいしくないし~。今まで食べた中で一番高い飲茶かも。まあハロッズの中にあるのでしょうがないのかもしれませんが、なんかすごく損した気分...。

And three xiaolongbaos cost us £8 as well!!  And worse, they were not very tasty..  This was the most expensive dim sum that I’d ever had…  I understand it is Harrods, not a restaurant in China Town, but still….

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