Monday, November 7, 2011

Poirot and Pizzle

先日、Poirot の好物の豚の耳を Costco に買いに行ったのですが、品切れなのか見当たりませんでした。そこでその代わりに "Bull Sticks" という 30 cm 位の長さの茶色い棒状のおやつを試してみることにしました。

The other day we went to Costco to get one of Poirot's favorite treats, pig ears.  But it appeared to be out of stock and I couldn't find it.  So instead, I got a bag of brown colored 1 foot long sticks called "Bull Sticks".
パッケージには "real meat" と書いてあったので、牛のお肉だと思って深く考えずに購入。家に帰って原材料の表示を見てみると、"bull pizzle" とただ一言。でも "Pizzle" という単語の意味を知らなかったので調べてみたところ、なんと牛のぺ〇スらしい!!

The package said "real meat", so I assumed these sticks were bull's meat.  After coming home, I read the fine print and noticed that the ingredient was "bull pizzle" (nothing else).  I didn't know what pizzle was, so I looked it up.  And I found out that, to my surprise, it is bull's penis!!!
え~、ぺ〇ス??? そんなんおいしいの~? とかなりびっくりしたのですが、Poirot は大興奮。わき目も振らず、一心不乱に噛み噛みしています。

My reaction was "Really??  Can you eat penis??", but Poirot got all excited when I opened the bag.  And he just started chewing it like crazy...  He was soooo deeply concentrated and he didn't even care when I called him to come to me...

He looked ecstatic...  Is it that good?  But it is quite stinky...  Is it the smell of penis???

After chewing it for more than an hour, he got tired and fell a sleep immediately!

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