Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trip to UK, London - Day 4 (2)

大英博物館を後にして、バッキンガム宮殿に向かうため地下鉄でヴィクトリアまで来たのですがあまりにも足が痛くて、目に付いたワインバー、Balls Brothers でちょっと休憩することに。

After leaving the British Museum, we came to Victoria by the Tube to visit the Buckingham Palace.  But we were too tired to continue walking and decided to took a break at this wine bar, Balls Brothers, for a while.

I don't drink alcohol, so ordered the coffee.
夫はカクテル (名前は忘れた) を注文。

My husband ordered the cocktail (forgot the name).

We regained some energy after the break, and headed for the palace.  It was too late for Changing the Guard ceremony, but I've seen it once before so it was OK...

You can't really get inside the palace (unless you are invited, I guess), so there is nothing special here.  But I had no memory of the palace (except Changing the Guard) and wanted to see the building.

Two guards were standing still.  It was cold and windy today - it must be tough just standing even with the gigantic fur hat...

This is the Victoria Memorial in front of the palace - this is dedicated to Queen Victoria.

The Mall, running from the palace to Trafalgar Square.  The street was decorated with many Union Flags.

We had some time until dinner, and went to see St. Paul's Cathedral.  Walking for a minute or so from the Tube station (St. Paul's), you can find the dome of the cathedral.
正門に向かって歩いているとたくさんのテントが! 最初は何事かと思ったのですがすぐに "Occupy London" の人達だと気づきました。

We were walking toward the main entrance, and found many tents just by the cathedral.  I wondered what it was for a second, but soon realized these were for "Occupy London"
"Occupy Starbucks" というステッカーまでありました。スターバックスはあんまり関係ないと思うのですが、大資本の企業に対する抗議なのでしょうか? アメリカでも "Occupy Walmart" とかあったみたいだし。

I fond a sticker of "Occupay Starbucks".  I think it's nothing to do with Starbucks, but I guess those people are angry at big capital companies??  I heard "Occupy Walmart" on Black Friday in US - is it something similar??
こちらが西側の正門。着いたのが5時前で、もう入場時間を過ぎていたので中には入れないと思っていたのですが、5時から聖歌隊による夕べの祈りがあって誰でも入場可 (しかも入場料無料) ということで参加することに。厳かな雰囲気の中、司祭 (というのでしょうか?) のお話も聞けてよかったです。

This is the main entrance.  It was already closed for   sightseeing, so I was not expecting to get inside (we were there at 5 pm).  But I noticed that the choral evensong would start at 5 pm which was open to anyone (and it was free!), so we joined the evensong.  It was very solemn and beautiful.  It was a good experience.
この写真は、大聖堂すぐ近くにあるショッピングモールから撮ったもの。ライトアップされた大聖堂がガラスの窓 (壁?) に反射してきれい。

This picture was taken from the shopping center near the cathedral.  The reflection of the illuminated cathedral was very beautiful.

From the roof of this shopping center you can see the dome of the cathedral very well.  You can also see the London Eye.  I think this is the very nice spot!  After this, we went for the last dinner in London!

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