Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar

今朝起きてみると雪が 15cm 位積もっていました。久しぶりの積雪ですが、これ位ならへっちゃらです。道路はとっくに除雪されていて運転にも全く支障はありませんでした。

Snow in Boston this morning!  It's been a while since last snow storm, but today's one was the small one and we had only ~4 inches of snow.  For us Bostonians it was not a big deal at all!
今日ブランチを食べに行ったのは、最近の私のお気に入りのレストラン、Island Creek Oyster Bar

Today we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Island Creek Oyster Bar, for brunch.

I ordered the lobster omelette.  The omelette was very fluffy.

And it had plenty of lobster meat!
夫は干鱈のコロッケ (の様なもの) をオーダー。上にのってるのはポーチドエッグです。夫によると鱈に比べてじゃがいもの量が多すぎるとのこと。私は塩味が利いていて鱈の風味も豊かでおいしいと思ったのですが。

My husband ordered the salt cod cakes with poached eggs.  According to my husband, they had too much potatoes relative to cod.  But I thought they had the rich cod flavor and tasty... 

We love bread and pastries served at this restaurant, so tried a fig danish.  I couldn't taste the fig as my husband ate it, but the pastry was warm and good.  I really like this restaurant.  I strongly recommend it! 

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