Thursday, February 3, 2011

Long Necked Poirot

私たちがチーズを食べていると突然夫の肩に何か重いものが! と思ったら Poirot が後ろから背後霊のように夫の手元にあるチーズを覗き込んでいました。

When we were eating some cheese, my husband suddenly felt some weight on his shoulder.  It turned out that it was Poirot staring at the cheese in my husband's hand over his shoulder 
チーズを Poirot の目の前に持っていくと首をびよ~んと伸ばして、何とかチーズに近づこうと必死です。

My husband brought the cheese in front of Poirot, then his neck became very long (usually we can't see his neck - his face appears directly attached to his body) and tried to reach for the cheese.

He stayed in this position (with his neck extended) for a quite long time.  He looked so entranced at the cheese... 

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