Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner at Ristorante Serena

今日は金曜日なので本当はボストンかケンブリッジまで出て夕食を食べたかったのですが、夫によるとどこも大渋滞しているらしく、断念。その代わりに家から車で1分のところにある (本当は歩いても行けるのですが、連日の大雪で歩道が雪に埋まってしまい歩けません) Ristorante Serena へ行ってきました。行った時は満席でしばらく待たなければなりませんでした。

Since it was Friday, we wanted to go to Boston or Cambridge for dinner but according to my husband there were traffic jams everywhere (due to snow).  So we gave up and decided to go to Ristorante Serena, just 1 minute driving from our home (we would've walked there if there was no snow on the sidewalks; right now there is NO WAY to walk, just too much snow..).  When we arrived there, all the tables were occupied and had to wait for ~15 min to get our table.

Their bread was just OK.

My husband ordered a glass of Chardonnay (Oak Hollow, Madera, California).  This was very fruity.
まず前菜にミートボールを注文。一つ $1.5 です。

As an appetizer, we ordered the fried Italian meatballs, called Polpette ($1.5/piece).

The meat was very juicy, and was a good match with acidity of the fresh tomato sauce. 

We also ordered Artichoke Margherita (Artichoke hearts dipped in egg batter and sautéed in a lemon white wine sauce served over baby spinach).  It was very light and tasty.

This is the salad that came with my entrée (you can choose salad or pasta).

My entrée was Pork Chop Milanese.  Since it was "Milanese", I was expecting the thinly pounded pork cutlet type of dish, but this one was very thick (nearly 1 inch).  But it was very tender and juicy and I liked it.  My husband was also impressed by this dish.

My husband ordered Risotto Frutti di Mare.  The rice was cooked al dente and absorbed the wonderful flavors from seafood.  We both were very satisfied with their food.  The price was reasonable as well.  No wonder it is very popular by the locals. Next time, I will try their pizza (they have the brick pizza oven)!

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