Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lunch at Hong Kong Supermarket Food Court

今日は Allston にある Hong Kong Supermarket に買出しに来たついでに、併設されているフードコートでお昼ご飯。

Today we went to Hong Kong Supermarket in Allston for grocery shopping, and had lunch at the food court inside the supermarket.

私が選んだのはベトナム料理店、Pho Viet のベトナム風サンドイッチ。この間チャイナタウンにある Sub City で買ったものよりもお肉が多めに入っています。お肉の味付けもおいしい。

I got a Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) with grilled beef at Pho Viet.  This sandwich had more beef than the one I got at Sub City in China Town the other day.  I liked the flavor of the beef, too.

I also got the summer rolls.  This was just OK.
夫は Dim Sum Chef という飲茶のお店から数品購入。これはお気に入りのポークリブの蒸し物。

My husband got several dishes from Dim Sum Chef.  This is his favorite, the steamed pork ribs with rice noodles.

This is the braised tripe.  I don't like tripe, so didn't eat it.

This one is the sticky rice with Chinese sausages, etc.  This was very tasty.

And this is the shrimp and chive dumplings.  We couldn't finish all the dishes, so took some of them home.

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