Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking by the Charles River

ここ何週間か大吹雪だったりめちゃくちゃ寒かったりして Poirot の散歩にいけない日が続いていました。今日は少し暖かくなるようだったので (とはいえ最高気温は2度くらいだったのですが)、 ケンブリッジまで行って来ました。

In the past several weeks it was either very cold or having big snow storms and we could not take Poirot outside for walk.  According to the forecast it would get warmer (~34˚F), so we came to Cambridge with Poirot.

夫の会社の駐車場に車を止めて、まずどこかでお昼ごはんを食べようと目に付いた Olive Tree Cafe という中東料理のお店に入りました。

We parked our car at my husband's company's parking lot, and went to a restaurant we just found for lunch.  The restaurant is called Olive Tree Cafe - a middle eastern restaurant.

The Greek salad.  The vegetables did not seem very fresh...

Both of us ordered sandwiches.

Mine was the falafel sandwich.

My husband's was the gyro.  Both were nothing special.  Only thing that was good was they were cheap...
その後 Central Bottle というワインとチーズのお店へ。

After lunch we went to Central Bottle, a wine and cheese (+salumi, olive oil, etc) shop.

My husband sometimes shops here after work.

Today we bought only 2 kinds of cheese and baguette.
チーズは tomme crayeuse というフランス産のものと、champlain triples というバーモント州産のもの。どちらも牛のミルクのチーズで、クリーミー。味見をしておいしかったので買ってみました。

The cheese we selected were tomme crayeuse (from France) and champlain triples (from Vermont).  Both were made of cow's milk and creamy.  
Poirot は久しぶりに外を歩けてすごくうれしそう。MIT の階段を駆け上っていきました。Poirot も MIT で勉強したいのかな?

Poirot seemed very happy to walk outside.  He ran up the staircase in front of the MIT building.  Maybe he wants to study at MIT!

Right after we started walking, we realized it was not warm at all - so windy and very very cold!!  We regretted coming out...  The Charles river was totally frozen, too...

The ice looked very thick.
Poirot も寒そうだったので、通りすがりに見つけた Pawsh という犬専門のブティックでこの水色のダウンジャケットを購入。セール中だったので半額でゲットできました。よく似合ってるよ!

Poirot looked cold too, so I bought him a down jacket at the dog boutique store called Pawsh.  It was on sale (50% off).  I think Poirot looks very good in this jacket!

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