Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snack at Infusion Tea Spa

Allston にある Infusion Tea Spa でお茶。昨日よりはましですが今日もかなり寒いので、私は温かいミルクティーを注文。

We went to Infusion Tea Spa for some tea & snack.  Although it was better than yesterday, but was still very cold today.  So I settled for a large cup of hot milk tea.
夫はまたしてもこの得体の知れない薬草の飲み物というか食べ物というか (燒仙草) を注文。ほんと、漢方って感じの味。

My husband ordered this weired drink (dessert?) again.  It is kind of warm jelley made of Chinese herbs (smells and tastes like medicine!).

And the popcorn chicken.  We asked it spicy, but it was not really spicy..

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