Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dinner at Shanghai Gate

今日は行くつもりもなかったのになぜか石庫門 (Shanghai Gate) で食事することに。ここは名前の通り上海料理がメインのお店です。あまりおなかはすいてなかったので小皿料理をいくつか注文。これは白菜拌干絲 (白菜とお豆腐を胡麻油で和えた物)。

Today, we were not supposed to, but somehow ended up eating at Shanghai Gate.  We were not very hungry so ordered several dishes from the appetizer menu.  This dish is the sliced napa cabbage  and dried tofu in sesame oil.

The pork grilled dumplings.  Did the chef just dump them onto the plate?  Couldn't s/he put them more nicely?
香菜小素鶏 (お豆腐と香菜のサラダ (?))。ちょっと塩味がきついかも。

The marinated tofu with cilantro.  A bit too salty to me.
清拌黒木耳 (木耳と玉葱の和え物)。こりこりしておいしい。

The mushroom (direct translation of the Chinese name is "wood ear") with sesame oil.  I love the texture of this mushroom.
薺菜肉絲年糕 (お餅の薄切りと豚肉、パセリ (?) を炒めたもの)。昨日南北風味で食べたものと似ていますが味付けは上海風であっさりしています。どれも家で作れそうなお料理なので今度挑戦してみようかな~。

The sliced rice cake sauteed with pork and Chinese leek.  This dish is similar to what we had last night but is the Shanghai version and very light.  All the dishes we had looked simple and easy to cook.  I should try cooking some of them at home.

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