Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lunch at Wrentham Outlet Mall

今日は朝から、Wrentham Outlet Mall へお買い物に行って来ました。来月10日間ほど日本に帰る(夫と Poirot はボストンでお留守番)時用のお土産の調達が目的です。お買い物の途中でおなかがすいたのでお昼ご飯を食べることに。Poirot も一緒なので、外のテーブルで食べられるレストランは Friendly's しかありません。

Today we went to Wrentham Outlet Mall for shopping.  I am going back to Japan for 10 days next month (my husband and Poirot will wait in Boston, though), so I wanted to get some stuff to bring back for souvenir.  We got hungry during shopping, and decided to have lunch.  Since Poirot was with us, we had no choice but eat at Friendly's as only this restaurant had tables outside...

Water and iced tea in the Coke glasses.
いつものように Poirot は興味津々でテーブルの上を覗こうとします。

As always, Poirot was so curious about what was on the table.

Crispy Chicken Salad.

Crispy Chicken Wrap.  Nothing to report about....  But we got enough energy to continue shopping.
甥っ子の服など(プラス自分たちの服や靴なども)を調達できました。Poirot も歩き回ってちょっと疲れたかな?

We got some clothes for my nephews (plus some clothes and shoes for ourselves!).  Poirot got a little tired as he walked around quite a lot.

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