Sunday, September 26, 2010

BBQ Party


Today we were invited to a BBQ party organized by my friend.  Her house is located a little bit far away from Boston, so it has a very big backyard (and front yard).

Lots of foods (chips, salads, etc) on the table.

Desserts and alcohols here.

Main dish was of course BBQ!  Burgers, hot dogs, sausages.  My friend was very good at grilling.  She looked like a professional.

"Can I get something?  Do you have anything to eat?  I can take whatever you have!"

My friend has three Labradors.  These are two of them.  They are very smart and good at playing Frisbee.
Poirot と一緒のところを写真に撮りたかったのですが、どの犬もじっとすることなく走り回っていたので良い写真が撮れませんでした。でも Poirot もみんなと仲良くできたのでよかったよかった。お天気も良く、バーベキューもおいしくて楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。

I wanted to take pictures of Poirot with the other dogs, but it was impossible as they were all excited and never stayed still.  But I was quite happy since Poirot got along well with them.  Nice weather, good foods and lots of fun.  We (including Poirot) had a great time!

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