Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dinner at Fuloon Restaurant


Once a month, my husband goes to various restaurants for dinner with his "foodie" colleagues (~10 members).  Tonight's restaurant was Fuloon which I mentioned several times in this blog.   Since we live near-by, I decided to join the dinner.

Minced Crabmeat with Sweet Corn Soup.  But they used imitation crab instead of real crab meat!!!  Cheating!!

Spicy and Sour Nappa Cabbage.  It was spicy, indeed.

Special Fried Rice with Vinegar.  I love vinegar, so I like this fried rice, too.

Crabs with Garlic and Red Pepper.  It takes a lot of efforts to get crab meat out from shell, but you can't stop eating it.

Tea Smoked Duck.  Duck meat was very crispy and not smelly.  I think other people also liked this dish.

Fresh Fish Fillets in Special Hot Sauce.  Boiling oil and enormous amounts of chili peppers in the pot.

After removing peppers, you can find fillets of fish.  Fish was very tender and tasty.

Wok Baked Shrimp and Scallops.  I liked scallops, but did not like the sauce too much.

Steamed Whole Fish.  It was not bad, but not great, either.  It is nice to have many people especially in a Chinese restaurant.  Usually when my husband I go to a Chinese restaurant, we can try only limited numbers of dishes, but tonight we enjoyed many different dishes!


  1. Wow...that looks like a lot of food...! Everything looked 美味しい。。。! Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures. Now I want to go out and eat some Chinese food too. :D

  2. Boston has decent Chinese restaurants in China Town as well as in suburbs. I guess we eat out Chinese food more often than any other ethnic foods (sadly, I don't find most of the Japanese restaurants in Boston very attractive...).