Monday, September 6, 2010

Dinner at Mexico Lindo

今日の夕食は家から車で3~4分のところにあるメキシカンレストラン、Mexico Lindo へ。ここはシェフも店員さんもみんなメキシコ人(多分)です。いつも地元に人たちで賑わっています。まあまあおいしいので以前はちょくちょく来ていたのですが、ここしばらくはご無沙汰していました。

Tonight we went to Mexico Lindo, a Mexican restaurant near our house, for dinner. It's always crowded with locals. Their food is not bad, so we used to come here frequently. But it's been a while since our last visit.

Corn tortilla and salsa. They are all home-made. The salsa was very flesh and a little spicy. We liked it.

I ordered the chicken enchilada combo dish. It came with rice, beans and some fresh vegetables (I requested it without sour cream).  Chicken was a bit dry, but the sauce and rice were better than I expected.

My husband ordered Chef's fajitas that included beef, chicken, shrimp and some vegetables.

This dish also came with rice, beans, etc.

Both beef and chicken were very tender and we got a lot of shrimp as well. This dish was also better than I thought. I think we should come here once in a while.

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