Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinner at Wonder Taste

今日は私の車を修理に出していたので、夫が会社まで迎えに来てくれました。家に帰る途中夕食をどこで取るか相談して、家の近所の四川料理のお店に行くことにしました。でもお店に着いたとき、そぐそばに広東料理のレストランが目に入り、急に広東料理が食べたくなったため予定を変更して Wonder Taste に行って来ました。このレストランのことは前から知っていたのですが、来るのは初めてです。

Today I did not drive my car to work as it had some problem to be fixed. So my husband came to pick me up at work. On the way home, we discussed where to eat dinner, and decided to go to a Sichuan restaurant in Medford since it is close to our home. But when we arrived, we saw a Cantonese restaurant nearby and suddenly felt like Cantonese rather than Sichuan. So we change our plan and went to Wonder Taste. We knew about this restaurant, but never visited before.


We ordered a lobster dish, and the waitress picked live lobsters from the tank and brought them to the kitchen.

Seafood with Tofu Sizzling Hot Pot. It was not bad, but too much Tofu and not enough seafood.

Ginger and Scallion Lobster. Two lobsters for $15, which I think is a good deal.

Salty Fish and Chicken Fried Rice. My husband said the rice could be drier. Overall, this restaurant may not be as good as ones in China Town, but since it is conveniently located for us and no problem with finding a parking spot, we'll come back soon.

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