Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner at Toro

今日はなぜか突然スペイン料理が食べたくなったので、South End にある Toro へ行きました。ここはいつもとても多くの人たちで賑わっているのですが、予約を受け付けないので、待たなくてもいいように開店一番の5時に行くことにしました。

Today, I got a sudden crave for Spanish food for no reason, so we went to Toro in South End.  This restaurant is always crowded, but does not accept reservation.  Since we do not like to wait in line, we decided to go as soon as it opened (5 pm; but bar opens at 4:30 pm).  

However, when we arrived at 5:02 pm, 80% of tables were already occupied.  Glad we came early.

Moritz, beer from Barcelona.   According to my husband, its taste was so-so.  I ordered blueberry soda, but it was out of stock and I couldn't taste it.


Pimientos del Padron (Hot green peppers with sea salt).  Some were very spicy, others were not.  Simple but very tasty.


Gambas al Ajillo (Griddled garlic shrimp).  This dish as different from what I was expecting - olive oil based garlic shrimp.  It tasted good actually, but I was a little disappointed as I wanted to eat "normal" garlic shrimp (my husband warned me since he had it before, but of course I ignored him...)

Croquetas de Bacalao (Traditional salt cod fritters with lemon rings).  I love salted cod!  The onion rings on the croquetas were unbelievably sweet and yummy.  I'd order just these rings if it is on the menu!

Maíz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija La Especialidad de la Casa (Grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese).  This dish is very popular at this restaurant and most of people order it.  We also order it whenever we come here.
デザートのチュロス。これはいまいち。チュロスは(たぶん加熱しすぎで)硬くてちょっと焦げている感じ。スペインで食べたのとは比べようもありません。夫はCostco のフードコートにある$1のチュロスのほうがおいしいと言ってました。とほほ。

Churros con Chocolate.  This was not very good.  I think churros was over cooked and hard, and tasted a little bitter (and over-priced).  It can't compete with the ones we had in Spain.  My husband even said that churros served at Costco food court ($1) was better than this.


  1. Ooo the food looked yummy...! I don't know about the Churros, but I know my wife would have loved the chocolate sauce just by itself.

    Funny, I just had the $1 Churros from Costco today for the first time. It was really long, like a foot but wasn't very good. Kinda hard, and not good taste, but did have a lot of cinnamon on it. :D

  2. Haha, funny that you had the Costco churros. The one we generally get from our Costco is not too bad considering the price. The churros we had at this restaurant was $7 and the size was maybe the half of Costco's (and we did not get too much of chocolate sauce, either, although it tasted good). But all other dishes are very good and that's why this restaurant is so popular!