Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dinner at All Seasons Table

今日は、近所に住む友人と夕ご飯を食べる予定だったのですが、友人の都合が悪くなったため、私たち夫婦2人だけで近所のレストラン、All Seasons Table へ行って来ました。

Today we were supposed to go for dinner with our friends who live near us, but they could not make it and thus we just went to a near-by Pan-Asian restaurant, All Seasons Table by ourselves.

This restaurant is always crowded and without reservation, you have to wait for a long time.  So we never had a chance to visit here although we live very close.  But because it was early (6:00 pm) when we arrived today, there were not many people.

This restaurant serves dishes from various countries in Asia.  This is Seafood Scallion Pancake.

I ordered Pork in Malaysian Curry Sauce.  It was not spicy at all, but pork was tender and it was not too bad.

My husband ordered Basil Duck with Chili Thai Style.  It didn't look too appealing, but the taste was OK.

Ice Cream Tempura for dessert.  This was not bad, either.  This restaurant has nice decor and wide space, and their foods are arranged to American styles; so no wonder it is so popular.  But I will not come back too soon...

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