Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apple Picking at Hill's Orchard

今日はボストン郊外の Westford にある、Hill's Orchard まで林檎狩りに行って来ました。ここは犬を連れて行ってもOKなので、Poirot とお友達の来福(ライフー)君も一緒です。

Today we went apple-picking to Hill's Orchard in Westford, MA. Since dogs are allowed in this orchard, Poirot and his friend, Laifu came with us.


First, we bought bags for apples at this tent. There were three different sizes of bags, and we got one middle size bag.

Golden Delicious.

I guess this tree is McIntosh.

Two apples on a wooden box.

Laifu ate sweet apples, but not sour ones.  He knows what's good!
それにひきかえ Poirot は甘かろうが酸っぱかろうが食べられるだけでOK. 多分味わいもせず飲み込んでいるんだと思います。

On the other hand, Poirot was happy just to eat apples and didn't care sweet or sour.  I am sure he just swallowed it without tasting it!

"Are you sure this one is sweet?"?

"Give me!  Give me!  I don't care which one, just give me one now!"

"Hey, Laifu, you don't want it?  If you don't, can I eat it?"

Across the street from the orchard, there is also a farm stand where you can purchase their fresh products, apple cider, etc.

This is the firm stand.

Pumpkins that were sold at the shop.  I bought some peaches here and made a peach galette and an apple pie at home.

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