Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar

今朝起きてみると雪が 15cm 位積もっていました。久しぶりの積雪ですが、これ位ならへっちゃらです。道路はとっくに除雪されていて運転にも全く支障はありませんでした。

Snow in Boston this morning!  It's been a while since last snow storm, but today's one was the small one and we had only ~4 inches of snow.  For us Bostonians it was not a big deal at all!
今日ブランチを食べに行ったのは、最近の私のお気に入りのレストラン、Island Creek Oyster Bar

Today we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Island Creek Oyster Bar, for brunch.

I ordered the lobster omelette.  The omelette was very fluffy.

And it had plenty of lobster meat!
夫は干鱈のコロッケ (の様なもの) をオーダー。上にのってるのはポーチドエッグです。夫によると鱈に比べてじゃがいもの量が多すぎるとのこと。私は塩味が利いていて鱈の風味も豊かでおいしいと思ったのですが。

My husband ordered the salt cod cakes with poached eggs.  According to my husband, they had too much potatoes relative to cod.  But I thought they had the rich cod flavor and tasty... 

We love bread and pastries served at this restaurant, so tried a fig danish.  I couldn't taste the fig as my husband ate it, but the pastry was warm and good.  I really like this restaurant.  I strongly recommend it! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dinner at Shanghai Gate

今日は行くつもりもなかったのになぜか石庫門 (Shanghai Gate) で食事することに。ここは名前の通り上海料理がメインのお店です。あまりおなかはすいてなかったので小皿料理をいくつか注文。これは白菜拌干絲 (白菜とお豆腐を胡麻油で和えた物)。

Today, we were not supposed to, but somehow ended up eating at Shanghai Gate.  We were not very hungry so ordered several dishes from the appetizer menu.  This dish is the sliced napa cabbage  and dried tofu in sesame oil.

The pork grilled dumplings.  Did the chef just dump them onto the plate?  Couldn't s/he put them more nicely?
香菜小素鶏 (お豆腐と香菜のサラダ (?))。ちょっと塩味がきついかも。

The marinated tofu with cilantro.  A bit too salty to me.
清拌黒木耳 (木耳と玉葱の和え物)。こりこりしておいしい。

The mushroom (direct translation of the Chinese name is "wood ear") with sesame oil.  I love the texture of this mushroom.
薺菜肉絲年糕 (お餅の薄切りと豚肉、パセリ (?) を炒めたもの)。昨日南北風味で食べたものと似ていますが味付けは上海風であっさりしています。どれも家で作れそうなお料理なので今度挑戦してみようかな~。

The sliced rice cake sauteed with pork and Chinese leek.  This dish is similar to what we had last night but is the Shanghai version and very light.  All the dishes we had looked simple and easy to cook.  I should try cooking some of them at home.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner at Gourmet Dumpling House

今日仕事が終わって帰宅すると、夫がチャイナタウンに行って夕食を食べようと言い出しました。え~、外食にお金使い過ぎだから控えめにしようって言ったのは自分やん。それもつい昨日!でもまあ今日は金曜日だしいいかなってことで南北風味 (Gourmet Dumpling House) へ行ってきました。ここはいつ行っても大人気で待たないと座れないのですが、今日は運良くすぐに席に着くことができました。

When I came home from work, my husband suggested to go to China Town to have our dinner.  This suggestion made me very shocked as JUST YESTERDAY he complained that we spent too much money on dining at restaurants and insisted we should go out less frequently!!  Well, but it was Friday today and I felt like going out, too, so we decided to go to Gourmet Dumpling House.  This tiny restaurant is always busy and packed, but luckily we could get the last table!

蒜泥海帶絲 (海草のサラダ)。ピリッとスパイシーで、にんにくがたっぷり入っていておいしい。

The chilled seaweed with garlic.  It was a bit spicy and garlicky.  I liked it. 
清炒空心菜 (空心菜の炒め物)。夫が言うには台湾スタイルだそうです。これにもにんにくがかなりたくさん入っていました。

The sauteed Chinese watercress with garlic.  According to my husband, this is the Taiwanese style.  It had a lot of garlic, too.

The pan fried pork buns.

These were the grilled buns and very tasty.  But just one bun made me very stuffed.
白切魷魚呀 (蒸しイカ)。これは普通。

The steamed squid.  This was nothing special.
臺式炒年糕 (台湾式お餅と豚肉、野菜の炒め物)。もちもちしてすごくおいしい!夫によると、台湾ではごく普通のどこにでもあるお料理だそうですが、私は今まで台湾で食べたことない!今度台湾に行ったときには是非食べてみたいです。

The Taiwanese style sauteed rice cake with pork and vegetable.  I loved the texture of rice cake (chewy).  My husband said this is the typical Taiwanese dish, but I've never had it in Taiwan before!  I'll definitely try it when I visit Taiwan next time.
おなかいっぱい食べて、食べ切れなかった分はお持ち帰りにしてもらいました。ここはお手ごろ価格でおいしいので人気があるのもわかります。食後は毎回お決まりの台湾式パン屋さん、101 Bakery で飲み物を購入。

We got very full and couldn't finish all.  This restaurant serves delicious dishes at reasonable price, so no wonder it is so popular.  After the dinner, we went to 101 Bakery (Taiwanese style bakery) as usual to get some hot drinks.
新製品 (?) のスポンジケーキを発見したので1つ買ってみました。明日の朝ごはんです。

Today I found a new product (?) which looked like sponge cakes, so I got one.  This will be our breakfast tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dinner at Ristorante Serena

今日の夕食は近所のイタリアンレストラン、Restorante Serena で。

Tonight's dinner was at Restorante Serena in our neighborhood.

We shared the calamari piccante (sautéed calamari with cherry tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs in a fradiavolo sauce).  The calamaris were very tender and the sauce was spicy and flavorful.  It was good.

This is the side salad came with my husband's entrée.

I ordered the scampi pizza.  This restaurant has the brick pizza oven and I have been interested in their pizzas.  But this was the first time I ordered a pizza here.  It was not as good as I expected - I guess because it was too much cheese and not much flavor.  I should have ordered a pizza with tomato sauce (the menu said it had fresh tomatoes, but I didn't find any..).

My husband ordered the pork chop saltimbocca.

The pork chop was stuffed with ham and mozzarella cheese.  The meat was very tender and moist.  The sherry wine sauce was a tad salty, but overall, it was very tasty.  We like this restaurant since it has wide variety of dishes (many are very good) and is very close to our house!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ugly Poirot

今日も Poirot 君はすっごく集中して rawhide (牛の皮) を噛み続けています。

Today, again, Poirot is chewing the rawhide non-stop for hours.

He looks so ugly...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunch from Sakanaya

今日は Allston の Sakanaya さんにお買い物に行ってきました。ここはお魚だけでなく、お寿司や丼ものも作ってもらえます。これはちらし丼。
ねぎとろ丼。どちらも $3.99 とお買い得。ご飯は寿司飯でお魚も新鮮でおいしい。
とろろマグロ。マグロがごろごろ入っていました。全部で $20 ちょっと。大満足のお昼ご飯でした。

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Snack at Infusion Tea Spa

Allston にある Infusion Tea Spa でお茶。昨日よりはましですが今日もかなり寒いので、私は温かいミルクティーを注文。

We went to Infusion Tea Spa for some tea & snack.  Although it was better than yesterday, but was still very cold today.  So I settled for a large cup of hot milk tea.
夫はまたしてもこの得体の知れない薬草の飲み物というか食べ物というか (燒仙草) を注文。ほんと、漢方って感じの味。

My husband ordered this weired drink (dessert?) again.  It is kind of warm jelley made of Chinese herbs (smells and tastes like medicine!).

And the popcorn chicken.  We asked it spicy, but it was not really spicy..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dinner at Tico

今夜はつい数週間前にオープンしたばかりの Tico に行って来ました!ここはボストンでは有名なシェフ、Michael Schlow の4つめのお店で (他の3つは Radius, Via Matta, Alta Strada)、タパス料理がメインのレストランです。コンセプトとしては South End の Toro と同じかも。

Tonight we went to a brand-new restaurant, Tico, which opened just a couple of weeks ago.  This is the 4th restaurant owned by a famous (in Boston) chef, Michael Schlow (other three are RadiusVia MattaAlta Strada) and serves the tapas style Spanish and Mexican food.  I guess it's the same concept as Toro in South End.

It is very spacious but was very dark when we were there.  It was difficult to read the menu.  The more senior people sitting next to our table also complained about it...

Octopus with yellow peppers, citrus, and Aleppo pepper.  I am an octopus lover, so liked this dish, but my husband did not like it very much - according to him, this was too ordinary and nothing special.

This was our favorite tonight, roasted cauliflower. The chipotle sauce was creamy and fried Fava beans was crunchy and gave a very nice contrast to the texture.  Delicious!

Crispy fish tacos.  The tortilla was thick and could hold all the ingredients without being broken.

Chorizo risotto.  This was a bit too salty and heavy for my taste.

Fried Manchego cheese.  The sauce (pomegranate honey sauce) was sweet and tasted like a dessert.

Shrimp toast.  This was like the Mexican version of Vietnamese shrimp toast.

Creamed corn with bacon and chiles.  It is the simple dish, but was spicy and good.

Beef a la plancha.  The good quality of beef was used - the meat was tender and the green chile sauce  gave a nice kick to it.

And lastly, the dessert - chocolate gelato with the caramelized banana, peanut butter and chocolate sauce.  The gelato was not too sweet and tasted very rich chocolate.  We both liked this dessert.  Each dish is not too expensive, but since the portions are small (tapas size) and we had to order many dishes, the final bill was not cheap...  I wish the price were a bit lower and we could come here more often... 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch at Pedro's

今日は会社の人たちと、Billerica に最近できた Pedro's というレストランにお昼ご飯を食べに行って来ました。お店の前には何と椰子の木 (偽物)!雪と椰子の木というミスマッチな風景がなんともいえません。

Today my colleagues and I went to a new Venezuelan restaurant, Pedro's, in Billerica for lunch.  There are (fake) palm trees in front of the restaurant.  It looked so weired to see palm trees and snow at the same time!
私がオーダーしたのは Isla de Margarita という、鱈のソテー。トマトと玉ねぎのソースがかかっています。ユッカ、プランティーンのフライトブラックビーンライスも付いてボリュームたっぷりです。

I ordered a dish called Isla de Margarita - a sautéed fillet of cod, topped with roasted tomatoes,
onion, and garlic sauce.  It came with yuca, plantains, and black bean rice.  The fillet was thick and not bad.
デザートにフランを注文して皆でシェアしました。めちゃくちゃ濃厚でクリーミー。チーズなしの (?) チーズケーキのような味です。

We ordered two flans (milk and coconut flavors) and shared them.  They were very rich and creamy.  It was like cheese cakes (without cheese taste).