Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dinner at Saigon Noodles

突然麺類が食べたくなったので、今日の夕食は近所のベトナムレストラン、サイゴンヌードルズ(Saigon Noodles)で。

I got a sudden craving for soup noodle, so we went to Saigon Noodles, a Vietnamese restaurant near our house, for dinner. 

Basil leaves and bean sprouts for our noodle.

Beef Pho.  Soup tasted very light and overall it was not too bad.
BBQ ポークチョップ。お肉はちょっと固め。

BBQ pork chop.  The meat was a little too hard.

Vietnamese pancakes.  We were expecting something similar to Korean or Chinese pancakes (thin, flat one), but they were totally different.

We asked a waitress how to eat these pancakes, and were told to wrap it and basil with lettuce and dip it to the sauce.  They were very soft and tasty.

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