Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lunch at Fuloon


My husband sudddenly decided to paint the deck in our back yard. But before painting, the old paint has to be removed, which is a very tough job! We have been working for 3 days since Friday, but haven't finished even half way through...

So I have no time to cook (excuse?) and thus we went to Fuloon Restaurant again for lunch.
山東肉丝拉皮(Starch noodle with pork)。

We asked a waitress what kind of starch this noodle was made from, but she wasn't sure. My guess is green beans. It was very chewy (which I like) and yummy.
樟茶鴨(Tea smoked duck)。お茶でスモークしたダック。ダックの臭みもなく、スモーキーで皮がカリカリとして、これもなかなかいけます。

No duck smells (I don't like the smell of duck meat). Tasted smokey and crispy outside. This dish was tasty, too.

特色醋炒饭(Special fried rice with vinegar)。この焼飯にはお酢が入っていて、ちょっと酸っぱい味。こんな焼飯ははじめて食べましたが、お酢大好きなので楽しめました。食べ切れなかった分はお持ち帰りして、今日の夕食にします!

Vinegar was added to this fried rice, which I have never tasted before. But since I love vinegar, I enjoyed it very much. We couldn't finish all the food we ordered, so we asked for a doggie bag, which then became our dinner.

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