Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brunch at Coppa

今日は South End にある Coppa でブランチ。ここはタパススタイルのイタリアンレストランで、経営者は Toro と同じです。

Today we went to Coppa, a tapas style Italian restaurant in South End for brunch. This restaurant is owned by the same owners as Toro.
今日はとても暑かったのですが、Poirot も一緒なので外で食べなければなりません。

It was very hot today, but since Poirot was with us, we had to eat outside.

The coffee tasted sour. I prefer bitter coffee to sour one.

"Cavolfiori", marinated cauliflower with shallots, thyme and sea salt. This dish was very colorul and good combination of vinegar, coarse sea salt and peperoncino.

"Pulpo Alforno", Wood roasted octopus with salsa verde, and preserved lemon. Octopus was very soft and tasty although it is not cheap ($9).

"Pepe Bianco", white clam pizza with bacon and Vidalia onion. The crust was very crispy, onion was very sweet, and clams gave a good flavor to the white sauce.
本当はもうちょっとゆっくりしたかったのですが、あまりにも暑くて耐えられなくなったので、レストランを出て日陰へ移動。Poirot も暑そう。

We wanted to stay here longer, but it was getting too hot so we left the restaurant and moved across the street under the shade. Poirot felt hot, too.
レストランの向かいには犬専門のブティックがあり、洋服やクッキーなどを売ってます。Poirot も大興奮。

Across the street, we found a dog boutique where they sell dogs' clothes, treats, etc. Poirot got very excited!


  1. South Endではどこに駐車するんですか?

  2. Washington Street(Peters Park の前あたり)は週末のお昼は大概いつもスペースが見つかりますよ。夜は時間にもよりますが。