Friday, August 6, 2010

Lunch at Blue Stove

今日は金曜日!ということで、会社の人たちと一緒に外でお昼ご飯。Burlington Mall にある Blue Stove へ。ここはタパススタイル(といってもお料理はスペイン風ではありませんが)で、いろいろな種類をみんなでシェアすることができます。

TGIF! To celebrate it, my colleagues and I went to Blue Stove in Burlington Mall for lunch. This is a tapas-style restaurant where you can get various dishes in small portions to share although their food is not really Spanish.

これはイカフライ(Salt & Pepper Calamari with Lemon Zest)。
海老のグリル(Lemon Caper Grazed Shrimp)。甘いソースがおいしい。

The sauce was sweet and delicious.
今日の一番のお気に入り、リゾット(Lemon Scented Risotto with Seared Scallops & French Beans)。レモンの酸味がすっきりとした味を醸し出しています。

My favorite dish of the day.  Citrus flavor gave a refreshing taste.
チキンのタコス(Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos)。写真を撮る前に2つ食べてしまいました。それぞれのお料理の量は少しですが、女性3人だったので、これだけで十分でした。

We ate two pieces before I took a picture.  The portion of each dish was small, but since we were 3 girls, that was enough.

After we went back to work, I was asked to go for ice cream.  It was too tempting to miss, so I went along.  I ate too much today, but really enjoyed it!


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  2. 食べたい!私も食べにつれてって~、ねえ、EKさん!