Friday, August 27, 2010

Dinner at Pho Hoa

今日は家の近所にあるもう1つのベトナムレストラン、Pho Hoa で夕食を食べました。

We went to Pho Hoa, another Vietnamese restaurant near our house for dinner tonight.

This restaurant opened about 3 months ago here, and this is our first visit. This is the chain restaurant, and there are more than 30 shops across US and Canada.

The restaurant is clean and spacious.

This is for the Pho that my husband ordered.

Fresh shrimp spring roll. This was freshly cooked after we placed an order, and was good.

Beef Pho. The soup had a good flavor, and my husband liked it very much (better than the other Vietnamese restaurant in the area).


I ordered "Grilled shrimp, pork and egg roll vermicelli". Vermicelli was ok, but pork was very tender and tasty.

After the dinner, I ordered "Jackfruit shake". I didn't know what Jackfruit was, but according to the google search, it seems to be the one in the picture below.  It tasted similar to sugarcane.

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