Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walking with Poirot

午後は Poirot と一緒に近所の Breakheart Reservation にお散歩に行きました。

In the afternoon, we went for walk with Poirot to Breakheart Reservation near our house.

There are many trees along the road and provide nice shade. Many people and dogs are enjoying walking.
道端に落ちている木の枝を噛む Poirot。顔が怖いよ。

Poirot is chewing a tree branch. You look scary, Poirot!

There also is a lake where many people enjoy swimming or sunbathing.
でも夏の間は残念ながら Poirot はビーチには入れません。

But Poirot can't enter the beach during summer, unfortunately.
ここはビーチではないので、Poirot もOK。でも Poirot は水は苦手なんですけどね。

Here is not the beach, so Poirot can go near water, too (although he doesn't like water).
結構たくさん歩いたので、帰りの車ではPoirot は夫の方にもたれかかって休んでいました。

We walked a lot, and Poirot got tired and leaned onto My husband's shoulder.

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