Saturday, August 21, 2010

Breakfast at China Pearl

今朝は近くに行く用事があったので、Woburn にある New China Pearl で飲茶です。

This morning, we went to New China Pearl in Woburn for Dim Sum.

Needlessly gorgeous entrance.

The food is wheeled around on a cart.

Rice noodle rolls with shrimp.

Curry-flavored squid.

Duck egg and pork porridge.

Steamed pork spare rib.
海鮮燒賣。シーフードの焼売です。う~ん、最近飲茶してなかったので、かなり期待が膨らんでいて、ここがボストンだということを忘れていました。しばらくは来なくてもいいかな。飲茶はやっぱり LA のが最高ですね(もちろん本場香港を除いてですが)。

Seafood shaomai. Ummm, I haven't eaten Dim Sum for a while. So my expectation was high and I forgot we are in Boston... I won't come back to this restaurant sometime soon. LA has the best Dim Sum in US.
朝食の後、Burlington Mall へ。これは2階のフードコートにあるカップケーキのお店。

After our breakfast, we went to Burlington Mall. This is a cup cake store in the food court.

You can add chocolate sauce, etc as a topping.

We tried one called "Lemon Meringue". It was way too sweet and the cake was dry. One bite was more than enough for me.

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